How to practice fitness

How to practice fitness?

Every woman knows that she does notjust need, but also very useful for health and figure. After all, it's no secret that girls engaged in fitness, always attracted admiring men's views. If you decide to do fitness, then, most likely, you are interested in some of the questions that we will try to answer in this article.

What fitness to do

When choosing which type of fitness to do, tryproceed from the functional state of your body. Those. if you, for example, decided to lose weight, but have a weak heart, you can use such kinds of fitness as callanetics, pilates, yoga, stretching or Tai Chi. And if you have problems with the spine, but there is a desire to swing the muscles, then you can start, for example, with equine aerobics. As your health will be strengthened, it will be possible to begin to develop and other types of fitness with more complex loads. However, it should be done exclusively under the supervision of a specialist.

How to practice fitness properly

There are some rules that you need to comply with regardless of the level of your training or the selected exercises.

  • You need to exercise regularly. You can feel some effect from the exercises after several trainings, but to achieve a sustainable result, fitness should become your way of life. Regular workouts make the classes more effective. How many times to engage in fitness, depends primarily on your health. If in this plan everything is fine, then 3-4 workouts per week for 45-60 minutes will be enough. But only on condition that you practice regularly. The most difficult are usually the first three weeks of classes. You just need to go through them. Gradually the body will get used and after a while, unusual to you will seem their absence.
  • Systematicity in fitness classes is also notless important. Based on their ultimate goal, which you want to achieve, decide on the tasks that you set for yourself. Then, based on your individual characteristics, choose a set of exercises and their volume, suitable for you. And remember the main thing, if you act haphazardly, then you will not achieve your goals.
  • Adequately evaluate your strength when performingexercises. Those. if the exercise is too complicated for you or causes pain, then you either have to abandon it completely or use its simplified version. If you have a fever over 37 degrees a day before training, then in this case, the training should be postponed.

Errors in fitness classes

  • Ignoring or skipping a stretch or warm-up. Stretching is no less important component of training than the exercises themselves. Qualitatively performed warm-up perfectly warms up the muscles, which in turn protects from injuries and makes training more effective.
  • Waiting for an instant result. In the first couple of weeks you will not see the result. After all, the feature of strength training in their long-term effect. They accelerate metabolism, increase stamina, strengthen immunity, improve sleep and well-being.
  • Lack of regularity and constancy. How much to be engaged in fitness, to solve, undoubtedly, only to you. But if the training is not regular, long-awaited results can never be obtained.
  • Unchanged exercise schedule for a couplemonths. After six weeks of training, your body will get used to the load, and external changes will stop happening. To make the results more significant, you need to make a variety in sports. Change the sets of exercises or simply increase the duration of the workout.
  • Insufficient intensive training. If you apply enough exercise during the exercises, then sweat is allocated to the middle of the workout, and breathing becomes more frequent. A sufficient load is also indicated by the fact that during the lesson you can not talk for a long time. If you carry out training with a high intensity, then in a shorter time you can burn more calories, so the Saami quickly achieve the result.

Now you know how to properly engage in fitness. And remember, your health and excellent appearance is in your hands. Good luck!

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