How to make a static IP

How to make a static IP?

Today many people at home have more than onecomputer, and a few and, as a rule, they are connected to each other in the local network. In this case, each of them must have a permanent IP-address. This allows users to freely share files that are stored on different computers on a shared network. If Ai-Pi will change, there will be no network access between the machines. In such situations, we are beginning to be interested in the question of how to make a static IP? So that when you connect to the network, the IP address does not change, you need to make it static by specifying the parameters forcibly.

How to make a static IP on the Internet?

If you need a static IP in a global network to do business, you can contact your provider with this request. This is usually done at an additional cost.

The first is to consider the most primitiveoption that does not require the installation of special software or any registrations. On the right in the bottom corner of your desktop, where all the icons of running applications and services are grouped, you should find a special indicator of the network connection. With a double click, you must open it. After the special window is opened, you should see several different parameters. You should fix the IP address parameter on a piece of paper, then you can go to another tab called "General". Find the "Properties" button in the window, click on it. The list of Internet connection parameters should contain a line in which there is a note "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)", here you will need the address you recorded earlier. In all subsequent requests from the system, you should click "OK". Connection to the Internet will be interrupted for a few seconds, then immediately reappear. After these primitive manipulations, the IP address of the computer will be immutable, that is, permanent.

How to make a static IP from a dynamic: Alternatives

As in any other matter, there is anotherA variant that is very convenient and uncomplicated. You can use a special service. However, such a proposal is oriented in most cases to business sites, as well as to resources that need a permanent network address. This service provides opportunities to access the computer, not by its IP address, but by a special name. This system works like this: using a specialized DNS server, the name will be converted to an IP address. This DNS-name of the personal computer should remain constant, but this will continue to change its network address (as before). It turns out that the network's access to the computer will always be monotonous.

Let's understand as much as possible withhow to make a static IP? First of all, you should go to a special site no-ip. Then a set of simple, neat manipulations will follow. You should find a mark of no-ip free, where click "learn more". Then a page will appear where you need to select "Sign up now". Next, before you have special fields, you must fill them. After the registration procedure, the page will open, from which you need to download an application called Windows Dinamic Update client, which can help in answering the question of how to make a static IP address. You can click "download" to download.

A letter with a link will come to your email address. Confirm the registration. However, it is worthwhile to understand that this is not everything you need from you, if you are interested in how to make a static IP. Next, you must install the program you downloaded from the site. After you run it, you must specify the password and the email address in it.

Next you have to choose some domain name. Again, go to the site where you need to sign in to your account, select the tab "your no-ip", there will be a list of links. Now select "Hosts / Redirects", and then click "Add". On the next page you can choose a domain name. You are required to fill out several fields.

As you can see, there is no problem with making your IP address static, you only need to work a bit, after which you can use new features.

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