How to make a magic pencil

How to make a magic pencil?

How to make a magic pencil

There are many ways of makingmagic pencils. The choice of option depends on the purpose of further application. Boys are very popular sticks of an astrologer or an artist. In the first case, enough to wrap a pencil with foil, fix it with an adhesive tape, and decorate the top with an asterisk. For greater effect, you can attach a regular New Year's rain.

To make the artist's magic pencil is also veryjust. It is necessary only to paint a pencil with paints or varnish, a shade in this case you can choose absolutely any. And then with the help of glue to attach in a chaotic order colorful strass, beads, pebbles, feathers, etc.

Girls have the most common optionis considered a magic wand fairy. The technology of its production does not require special knowledge and skills, the most important is accuracy. Initially, you need to wrap a pencil around the pencil with a satin ribbon, and fix its edge with glue. Then go to the decoration: the tip is decorated with beads, collect the pomponchik from the sequins and multi-colored ribbons and fasten it on top.

We charge the pencil with magic energy

To turn a simple pencil into a magicalone decoration is not enough. This artifact must also be given a specific energy. But first of all it needs to be cleared of negativity and alien energy. To do this, put a pencil in the freezer for 15 minutes, then write on a piece of paper: "Magic wand, earn it!", Wrap it in your artifact and leave in such a position for a while.

The final stage of creating a magic pencil -activation. But for this it is necessary to really believe in its miraculous power, otherwise the wand will not work. Meanwhile, if you sincerely believe in the existence of magic, then a magic pencil made by yourself will certainly help you in a difficult situation.

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  • How to make a magic pencil How to make a magic pencil How to make a magic pencil How to make a magic pencil How to make a magic pencil How to make a magic pencil How to make a magic pencil