How to make a lump of hair

How to make a lump of hair?

Cones of hair is fashionable and originalhairstyle. In people it is called "shit". The cone is quite simple in its technique and does not require master skills. This hairstyle is suitable for women of any age. With this hairdo, it is convenient to practice in the gym, sunbathe on the beach. It can also give a little bit of elegance to your evening image.

Simplicity cones

Next, we'll show you how to make a lump fromhair alone at home. With some skill, you can do it very quickly. For this hairstyle, hair will fit a medium-length or long hair. A cone is made of either several strands or braids.

In many respects the result depends on the structure, length and obedience of the hair. If the hairdo did not work out, then try other variants of it.

You will need a hairbrush, a few hairpins, invisible, elastic, any jewelry for the hair, gel or foam for styling, lacquer.

Pine cone

Before making a bump on the head, hairneed a little moisturizing. The gel should be used to make the hair style smooth. Well comb your hair and, as in the previous description, collect them in a tight tail. Make sure that there are no so-called "roosters". All hair is divided into three parts. Of these braids are plaited. Each braid is wrapped around the base of the tail. The ends of the hair are hidden under the lump. Hairstyle is fixed with hairpins. Then you can include your imagination and decorate the cone with a mesh, rhinestones, etc.

Lush Pinecone

How to make a haircut "bump" of several strands? On wet hair, apply foam for styling and dry them with a hair dryer, giving a little volume at the roots. The volume will turn out more magnificent if the head is lowered downwards.

Then you need to make a tight tail. From the bottom of it, select the strand and wrap around the rubber bands. The ends of the strands need to be tightly fixed with invisibles. Remaining hair a little scratch (hair should be light, so that the hair does not seem to be tangled) and divide into strands. From each twist the tourniquet and wrap around the base in random order. Clamps fix with invisible and stilettos. Get the hair done with a varnish.

If you do not have time to weave braids or plaits fromhair, you can make an ordinary tail and wrap it around the rubber bands, and do not hide the ends, but dissolve them like feathers. To decorate this hairstyle, you can use Chinese decorative sticks.

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