How to increase fps in kc

How to increase fps in kc?

Counter-Strike is a game in which the reactionplays a very large role, but the user's computer sometimes hinders the speed of cyber sport's reaction to changing the game situation. FPS is the refresh rate per second, respectively, each player should strive to achieve the highest possible value of this parameter, since it depends on it, in which fraction of a second you notice the enemy and will be able to take appropriate measures.

First of all, you need to check the value of fps. In the game, we write through the console () command: net_graph 3. In the lower right corner, the fps parameter with the value appears. The ideal option is a stable number of 100 when playing. If your computer gives a low FPS value in the game, then read below practical recommendations on how to increase fps in kc 1.6.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Settings

  1. We go into the game: Options - Video. In the Render field, select: OpenGl (usually there are values: D3D or Software). Choosing the last two modes reduces performance, so you can not increase fps in kc 1.6 with them.
  2. Open the console () of the game, register the command: fps_max 101. By default, the fx is set to fpx_max 60, so you need to remove the constraint.
  3. We check the frequency of the monitor. On the desktop, click the right mouse button, select the item: Properties or Screen Resolution (depends on the operating system). Next: additional options - Monitor. Remember the value in the field: Screen refresh rate. The owners of laptops this value will be 60 Hz, stationary monitors have, as a rule, 75-120 Hz. Right-click on the game's shortcut - Properties - Object. To the way of calling the game (has, as a rule, the ending hl.exe) we add the parameter: -freq 75 (instead of "75" specify the refresh rate of your screen).

Commands in CS 1.6

In order to increase fps in non-steam ks, the following commands that are prescribed via the console () of the game are also useful:

  • cl_alldownload 0 - disable downloading of various models, sprites, skins, etc. during the game;
  • max_shells 0 - drawing of grenade explosions, bullets during firing, dips in the wall, etc .;
  • max_smokepuffs 0 - drawing sprites of smoke. Very important team, as in the area of ​​the smoke grenade falls very much fps;
  • v_sync 0 - Disable vertical synchronization;
  • violence_hblood 0 - the amount of blood during the killing of an opponent. There is also no need for these graphic elements.

You should also know that setting the video card inthe benefit of performance will help to solve problems with fps - for more details on the correct choice of parameters, see the article How to make 100 fps in kc. In addition, do not load the computer with unnecessary processes during the game, so various applications, browsers and players should be closed. Also disable file downloads. If you communicate with teammates in a voice chat, then replace Skype with TeamSpeak.

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