How to get dressed for an interview to get a job

How to get dressed for an interview to get a job?

You sent a resume to your potentialto your employer, you called back and assigned an interview. Do you think that your work is already yours? You are wrong. Even a successful interview can not guarantee that you will get the job you are interested in, because ahead of the internship, acquaintance with the team. But if the interview was not going well enough, you may no longer have a chance to prove yourself. The interviewer, as a rule, makes the decision in the first three minutes, it's worth taking you to work or not. You should correctly assess his behavior, otherwise the interview will simply take time from you and become only a formality. If you were able to overcome the barrier and interest a potential employer, you already have chances. Therefore, it is so important that your appearance is appropriate. Many people are worried about the question of how to dress for an interview, to please the interviewer and get a chance to work? We will try to understand.

A survey of leading HR specialists on the topic,how to dress for an interview with a potential employee, showed that the most favorable impression is created by a business suit, a neat, healthy appearance and a modern diplomat or briefcase.

A few simple tips on how to dress for an interview

Some of these tips may seemsane people are too banal, however, we still note them. Going to meet with a potential employer, put on your best suit. It must be well stroked. In advance, make sure that it is perfectly clean, it is best for this case to turn it into a dry cleaner. It is best to give preference to a neutral color that does not scream, but here everything relates to the profession. If you are a fashion designer, designer or pretend to another creative position, then you can dress more creatively and brightly. If you are taking a position that is somehow connected with fashion, show that you know about the latest fashion trends. Otherwise, choosing what to wear for the interview, it is better to dress modern, but not super fashion. Try to look elegant at the meeting, but do not seem like a bore. Marks worth doing in a neat little notebook. This will show the employer that you are serious about the interview and the position. Applying makeup, give preference to neutral, not too bright colors. Correct the complexion with special tonal means. It is not necessary to do too difficult hairstyles for an interview, and also to use abundantly the means for styling. The hair should be neatly laid, clean. Also pay attention to your nails. It is best to make a modest, neat manicure. Long and bright nails, especially overhead or exaggerated, may not be well received by the employer. Do not forget about light pantyhose. They should be worn even in the summer, as it is not necessary to go for an interview with bare legs.

How to dress for a man? Do not choose too pretentious tie and inappropriate accessories. Be sure to shave before an interview, even if you usually prefer light stubble. If you have long hair, it's worth pulling them into a neat tail, however, it should be noted that men who have long hair are still treated with some prejudice. It is worth removing all ornaments, including large chains and earrings. The maximum that is allowed in an interview is an engagement ring and a decent watch. And do not even think about wearing shorts or jeans for an interview.

It is also important to note that you should not use too "bright" perfume. The employer may not like sharp odors or even have an allergy on them.

Do not put on sunglasses and leave your headphones on your neck from the player. It is better to remove everything in the bag in advance, as these accessories can spoil your appearance.

Now you know how to get dressed for an interview. It remains only to think about how you will answer the questions of the employer, what exactly it is necessary to tell about yourself and how to behave.

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  • How to get dressed for an interview to get a job How to get dressed for an interview to get a job How to get dressed for an interview to get a job How to get dressed for an interview to get a job How to get dressed for an interview to get a job How to get dressed for an interview to get a job