How to fulfill a dream

How to fulfill a dream

How to realize your dream? What can I do to make my dreams come true? Do dreams come true or is it something unattainable and accessible only to the chosen ones? For all these and many other questions, you will find the answers in this article.

It should begin with the very concept of "dream", what is itis it really and whether it exists in reality. Most people in this word have a definite, concrete meaning - it is something unrealizable, unattainable, inaccessible to "mere mortals", not true, a fairy tale, fiction and so on. And only a few understand that the dream and goal is actually one concept, and it is thanks to this approach that their dreams become reality, that is, they materialize. They do not think how to realize a dream, they just get everything they want. Think, dreams and desires are different things for you? And what are they different from each other? Is it not that dreams are unrealizable, and desires have a more mundane character that does not cause doubts about real accessibility? Or maybe the whole point is that the desire eventually becomes a goal and that is why it is realized in life, and dreams are initially doomed to failure?

With such an approach it is impossible to realize a dream! Let's figure out why for us a dream, a desire and a goal are different concepts, not related to each other. The reason is banal stereotypes, that is, in a long-standing habit of separating these concepts among themselves. For example, let's take a person with an average monthly income, who has a desire to buy, say, a laptop of the latest model - his desire does not shock anyone, right? Of course, he will not be able to buy it right away, but, putting off money, after a short time he can afford to make this purchase. That is, desire gradually turned into a goal. And now imagine that the same man thought about his own three-story house on some exotic island! Most people, including our hero, without hesitation, will reject this idea in a bag with the inscription "unrealizable dreams" and continue to live in the familiar "real" world. How to realize a dream, if a person does not believe that it will come true?

Another example: a person with low income or with his complete absence wants only one thing - to get food, which becomes his only and permanent goal. What in his case is the laptop of the latest model? Dream! And for a millionaire, what is a mansion on the islands, not to mention such trifles as laptops? For him, this is a familiar reality. All these examples are given in order to understand a simple thing: the dream of one person is the habitual reality of the other. The main mistake is that we ourselves hang labels and sort our desires for dreams and goals. We are based on our position, status, income and are guided by the so-called real state of affairs. You know the phrases: "I really look at things," "I can not afford it," "all this is a dream, but everything is different in life"? Reality is what we create! Who decides who can dream, for example, about the car, and who can not? Who is "mere mortal", and who is the chosen one? Now you will discover a shocking truth: this "who" exists in reality! It is you! Realize that you are solving everything that concerns you and your life!

When for you the desire and the dream will have onemeaning, you can go directly to the question of how to realize a dream. Let's return to the example with a laptop: when a person had a desire, at that time he did not know how to implement it, but eventually he had a certain plan of action, and when he put everything in order, the fulfillment of this purchase was no longer in doubt. This is the main rule: first a desire, then an action plan and not the other way round. You do not need to know from the first seconds of the appearance of your dream how to implement it, the idea or plan will come by itself quite unexpectedly. Lead a customary way of life, not tormenting yourself with a lack of answers, as this can raise doubts - the only obstacle to a dream. It is worth hesitating for a second, and you will be forced to return to where you started.

Your desire should be specific, not worth itevery day to ask a question, how to realize a dream, and to wait for an answer to come to you. Your dream should sound specifically: "I'll buy a new car" (further all in minute detail: color, brand, etc.), "I will meet an extraordinary girl (man) and create a beautiful family" (to present in detail what character traits this a person must possess) and so on.

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  • How to fulfill a dream How to fulfill a dream How to fulfill a dream How to fulfill a dream How to fulfill a dream How to fulfill a dream How to fulfill a dream How to fulfill a dream