How to eat figs

How to eat figs?

Figs, or, as it is also called, fig or wineberry, known to mankind since ancient times. He owes his popularity to his interesting taste, and to useful qualities. Figs are often found on tables of residents of Egypt, Abkhazia, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey. Today it can be bought without problems in Russian stores. Dried or dried figs are common. It is eaten as well as other dried fruits, instead of sweets, added to meat dishes, and poultry dishes. And, here, as there are fresh figs, few of our compatriots know.

Choose a fig

Ripe figs are soft and fragrant. But, there are they need right away - they can quickly deteriorate. In our stores, we usually sell slightly undersized, they are easier to transport. A little advice on how to eat figs is this: Bring it from a store, put it in a warm place, preferably in the sun, and after a couple of hours you can eat. When choosing fruits, look for ones that are not damaged. You can eat them with or without skin, if desired.

What do they eat with figs?

Fig is a sweet fruit. It is ideal as a dessert. For this, just cut the fruit with a knife on the slices, and serve it on a table with whipped cream, or sweet sauces (sour cream is good). Pieces of figs are pinned on a skewer, and dipped in sauce. Simple and tasty!

How to eat figs yet? You can make a cross cut on the fruit and put a soft cheese there. This appetizer fits well with light wines and champagne.

If you bought an unripe fruit, bake it inoven. Chop the fruit, put the nuts there to taste and pour honey, wrap each fruit in a piece of foil. Do not keep the dish in the oven for too long, enough for 10-15 minutes.

Figs are suitable not only for sweet, itperfectly combined with meat, and poultry. An uncomplicated, but interesting combination is obtained if you extinguish pork, cut into cubes with pieces of figs. The meat will have a sweetish flavor and unusual flavor. This dish can be made with dried figs.

Chicken in Greek with figs, can becomedecoration of any festive table. To do this, we take chicken legs, pickle, rub our favorite spices, put them in a baking dish. And, between the legs lay out slices of fresh figs. We keep in the oven for about an hour. As a result - tender meat in sweet juice!

Dried figs

Often in shops comes in dried or driedfigs. How to eat dried figs? Such a fruit is better, first give it to boiling water, or hold it for a couple. At the second variant in fruit the useful substances are better saved. There is a steamed fig tree, and with a peel, and, without. This is an excellent alternative to sweets and chocolate. Calories - minimum, pleasure - maximum!

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