How to drink Mukaltin Instructions for use

How to drink "Mukaltin"? Instructions for use

How to drink Mukaltin? Many people know about this. After all, this drug is the most popular expectorant, which is prescribed for coughing. However, there are also patients who are not aware of this medication. Therefore, in this article, we decided to talk about how to drink Mukaltin, how much it costs, what properties it possesses, and so to drink mukaltin

Description of the medicinal product, its form and composition

Before I tell you how to drink"Mukaltin", you should tell us in what form this medicine goes on sale. This medication is made in the form of rounded gray tablets with a dividing risk in the middle. They are sealed in paper packages or placed in plastic containers.

The composition of this medicine includes an extract of althea. Also, the drug contains sodium bicarbonate, calcium stearate and tartaric acid.

Properties of the medicament

What are the features of the drug "Mukaltin" (tablets)? The instruction, attached to this medicine, says that it refers to expectorants.

An active ingredient such as an althaea extract,is able to stimulate the secretion of the bronchial glands, thereby increasing the production of mucus and the activity of the ciliated epithelium. These properties of the drug cause the rapid excretion of diluted sputum from the respiratory system.

It should be noted and the fact that this medication reduces the inflammatory process that occurs in the mucosa, which was caused by tissue trauma during coughing.

Indications for taking medication tablets

The drug "Mukaltin" from cough is prescribed very often. It is used to dilute sputum during the treatment of the following diseases:mucutin from cough

  • tracheitis;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchiectasis;
  • obstructive bronchitis.

Patients need to know not only how to drink"Mukaltin", but also that this remedy is prescribed only to alleviate the condition of the patient. According to the experts, this drug is not enough to cure serious infections of an infectious nature. At the same time, it significantly increases the effectiveness of therapy, and also speeds up the recovery process.

"Mukaltin" for children should be prescribed onlydoctor. It should be noted that up to two years, this tool should be used with extreme caution, and children under one year are not appointed at all.

Before the doctor determines the dosage of this medicine, he is obliged to conduct a full medical examination of the patient.

Many people know what constitutes adrug "Mukaltin", and take it on their own, without fear of any complications. However, such a decision can lead to the transition of the existing disease to a chronic form, since serious infections of the respiratory tract can not be cured without the use of antibiotic agents.mukaltin tablets user guide

Contraindications to the use of medicament

When it is not recommended to use the drug"Mukaltin" (tablets)? The instruction states that this medicine is contraindicated for individual intolerance. In addition, it is not prescribed in the presence of peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract.

"Mucaltin" preparation: dose and method of administration

The dosage of the drug in question for infants and adults is determined only by the doctor.

Tablets "Mukaltin" should be taken half an hour before eating food in the amount of two pieces. The frequency of taking this drug is 4 times a day.

This medicine can dissolve, like candies,or use them to prepare a solution. To do this, the necessary dosage of the drug is dissolved in a small amount of warm boiled water. Also, the tablet is allowed to swallow whole.

According to the instructions, from the age of 12 the preparation "Mukaltin" can be used in adult dosage.

To kids from 3 years this preparation appoint or nominate on 1 tablet three times a day. The interval between taking the medication should be 4 hours.mucaltin how much

The drug "Mukaltin" pregnant can be taken. However, in the first trimester, you should do without taking any medications. Also, do not prescribe this drug to pregnant women at the maximum dose.

With regard to breastfeeding, then with lactation, this medication should not be prescribed. Although some doctors during the treatment with this medicine recommend to stop the process of feeding.

When taking the drug in question, it is important to know from which cough it should be used. According to experts, these tablets are prescribed for barking and dry coughing.

More than 14 consecutive days to take this remedy is not recommended. When carrying a fetus, the course of treatment should not be more than one week.

Very often, Mukaltin is prescribed for adults and children as part of a combination therapy.

Adverse Events

The expectorant is veryrarely causes side effects. Against the background of its reception, such dyspepsia reactions as diarrhea, increased flatulence, constipation, vomiting and nausea may occur. In addition, the use of these tablets sometimes causes allergic manifestations.mucaltin

Drug Interactions and Overdose

No reports of an overdose of this medication have been reported. However, this does not mean that the drug can be taken in any amount.

Experts argue that to reduce the viscosity of sputum and reduce bronchial irritation, this medication can be combined with "Bromhexine."

The considered agent is referred to as neutral drugs. Therefore, it has no effect on the chemical processes that were caused by the intake of other drugs.

Special Recommendations

Expectorant drug "Mukaltin" is allowed to use drivers of vehicles, as well as people who in the course of their activities manage dangerous mechanisms.

According to the opinion of doctors, the formation of a film onrespiratory tract, consisting of plant mucus, not only provides an obvious therapeutic effect, but also contributes to a longer and better local exposure to other medications.

Terms of purchase, its shelf life and method of storage

You can buy tablets "Mukaltin" in the pharmacy withoutprescription of a doctor. Its shelf life is two years (the end date is indicated on the package). After this period, the use of medicines is prohibited.mukaltin pregnant can

Keep the medicine in question in a cool and dry place, which is not accessible to young children.

The cost of a medicine and its analogs

Now you know about the peculiarities of the drug Mukaltin. How much does this facility cost? In pharmacy chains, such a medicine can be purchased for 15-40 rubles.

If necessary, the tablets under considerationcan be replaced by analogues. For this, you should consult a doctor. Such replacing agents include "Doctor Mom", "Altey", "Doctor Theiss", "Gedelix", "Bronchipret", "Herbion", "Protyazine Ekspectorant", "Cook Prospan", "Pertussin", "Pectusin", " Sinethos. "

Consumer and medical reviews of the drug

As mentioned above, the drug "Mukaltin"is the most popular expectorant. Attention from consumers, he deserved not only because of its availability and very low price, but also due to high efficiency.

Many doctors claim that this medicinecopes with its task even better than more expensive and imported means. They say that this medication is not toxic and almost never causes a feeling of discomfort and unpleasant sensations.mucaltin dose

As for patients, they are also happyresults of using this tool. Very often reviews of "Mukultin" leave the parents of young children. According to them, the drug in question is highly effective in all infections to which the upper respiratory tract is susceptible. However, it should be noted that in the early days of the common cold, tablets are not prescribed for children (until sputum is formed).

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  • How to drink Mukaltin Instructions for use How to drink Mukaltin Instructions for use How to drink Mukaltin Instructions for use How to drink Mukaltin Instructions for use How to drink Mukaltin Instructions for use How to drink Mukaltin Instructions for use How to drink Mukaltin Instructions for use How to drink Mukaltin Instructions for use