How to draw Pinky Pye

How to draw Pinky Pye?

Many children love the cartoon "My Little Pony." And, of course, your children will be very happy if you teach them to draw a pony from this cartoon. Today we will learn how to draw Pinky Pye.

Pinky Pai


  • Paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Eraser.


  1. First we draw an oval for a pony body and a circle from above for her head.
  2. Then draw a triangle from the top right side of the head. It will be an ear.
  3. And in the lower left part of the head form the muzzle. To do this, draw a small oval with one pointed side.
  4. Next, draw a mane - large curls from the ear.Pinky Pai
  5. Now we will draw our eyes. Draw pretty big ovals, inside draw the pupil. Do not forget about the eyelashes. One eye should be larger, as it is closer to us, and the other - less.
  6. Then we draw the mane from above - we make large curls. And ahead we make a long curl - it's a bang.
  7. Next draw the neck - we connect the circle and the oval. Then draw the front legs - the bars. And then the hind legs, they should be slightly curved back.
  8. It remains to draw a tail. To do this, draw wavy lines in the form of a tail. He has a very puffy pony.
  9. You can also draw three balloons on the hip of Pinky Pye.
  10. Now we erase unnecessary lines, and the pony is ready.

If you want, you can paint a horse. As you know, this pony is pink. The mane should be brighter and more saturated, and the body and head should be pale pink. The pony's eyes are blue. The balloons must be blue and yellow.

This cheerful pony with a curly mane, or you can try to draw a Pinky Pony pony sad with a straight mane.

Sad pony


  • Paper;
  • Eraser;Pinky Pai
  • Pencil.


  1. First you need to draw Pinky Pai in stages, just like in the previous figure.
  2. But instead of curls around the head of the pony we draw an oval. Then, on the bottom of the neck, we erase the oval and make straight lines, making out the mane. And along the entire length of the mane we make straight lines - these are strands.
  3. As for the tail, it must also be straight, slightly curved upwards, with straight strands inside it.
  4. Draw in a different way and eyes. First we draw half-ovals, one more, one less. It will be the eyes. Then on top of the eyes draw a little lowered eyelids - also poluovaly. You can add cilia on the side. Next, make out the pupils. We will have sad pony eyes.

If you like to draw, look here - Drawing, and you will find many interesting things.

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