How to decorate sandwiches

How to decorate sandwiches?

Sandwiches are an integral part of ourEveryday life. This is a fairly simple dish that you can take with you to work or on the road to make up for the energy wasted during the work day. However, sandwiches are also an excellent complement to the festive table. And if you cook this dish for a quick snack in the daily rush and do not pay enough attention to the decoration, then in the case when sandwiches are planned to be served to the festive table as a cold snack, then you can not forget about the decoration in any case.

So, in this article we will try to find the answerto the question of how to beautifully decorate sandwiches. We will consider several categories of sandwiches, and accordingly, several options for their decoration. So, let's begin.

Sandwiches with caviar

How to decorate sandwiches with caviar? The answer is simple. There are many options for decorating such a cold snack. It's enough just to include imagination and try to do something unusual.

The caviar itself looks beautiful enough. Amber or velvet-black color of caviar is quite well combined with almost any decoration. However, we proceed to consider, directly, the various options for decoration.

  • Sandwiches with caviar, firstly, can be originalto issue, i.e. not just smear eggs on bread, and come up with something unusual. You can, for example, lay eggs in tartlets, which are sold in large quantities in markets and stores. The edge of the tartlet can be decorated with an elegant curl of butter or cheese. You can also use a different color to decorate the eggs, which you can put on top of the game of the main color in the form of an elegant pattern.
  • Also, when decorating sandwiches with caviar, you canactively use greens. If you lay caviar on a leaf of a green salad, it will give your snack an originality and freshness. Do not forget about such a tool for decoration, like mayonnaise. With his help, you can decorate quite an unusual almost any sandwich.

Sandwiches with fish

Now let's try to consider the options for howdecorate sandwiches with fish. Firstly, it should be remembered that fish is an interesting enough product for decoration, possessing many properties. Sandwiches with fish can be decorated with celery or green onions, the original addition will also be a slice of lemon. It should also be noted that the lemon perfectly complements the taste of fish.

A sandwich can be designed rather originalhelping fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. The tomato cut in half can be turned into cute bugs or into unusual flavors with the help of mayonnaise, olives and parsley or dill.

Also, in addition to decorating from improvised materials,A sandwich can be made quite unusual with the help of knives for figured cutting. If it is unusual to cut sausage or vegetables, then the sandwich itself will not need any additional decorations. Now consider a few basic principles of decorating sandwiches.

  • First of all, it should be remembered that all that we plan to use for decoration should be harmonized with its main products according to its taste qualities.
  • Secondly, it is important to remember that from the rightthe choice of colors for decoration in many depends and the attractiveness of your masterpiece. Therefore, it should be remembered that the choice of color should also be approached with high responsibility.
  • In no event can not simultaneously use incompatible products. Otherwise, the use of such "yummy" can lead to completely undesirable consequences.

So, we figured out how to decoratesandwiches, and how to do it is unusual and original. Photo how to decorate sandwiches, available on the Internet in countless numbers, will help any mistress find a fresh and original idea of ​​creating a real culinary masterpiece.

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