How to cut the cat properly

How to cut the cat properly?

how to cut a cat's clawsDomestic cats, unable to grindclaws in the wild, need constant adjustment of their length. Is this mandatory? The answer is yes. And there are two reasons for this. Firstly, long claws can harm you and your children when you play with the animal, and secondly, claws can grow into the fingers of the little animals and cause it pain. Of course, if you keep a cat in a country house, and it can go out, then it is not necessary.

Properly trim the claws - this is not an easy task. Not only will an animal just not be given you a hand, so also this procedure has its own characteristics. In this article we will tell you how to trim a cat's claws.

What do we need?

  1. The fillet.
  2. Veterinary guillotine cutters.
  3. Gauze.
  4. Haemostatic pencil.
  5. A piece of soap.

How to cut the cat's claws? Step 1

Preparation. To perform this procedure, you need another person. His mission will be to hold the animal while you clip the claws. So, take your pet's hands and place it in a comfortable position on the table or on your knees. Please note that if the animalhow to properly cut the cat's clawsshows strong aggression and can not sit quietly even a few minutes, give up the procedure of shortening claws, as there is a risk that you will cause damage to the cat.

How to cut the cat's claws? Step 2

Once the animal is seated, immediately proceed tobusiness. In order for the claw to appear from behind the pillow, lightly press on it. Then carefully study it and determine where the blood vessels and nerve endings (pulp) end. It is not difficult to notice them if it is transparent, otherwise you will have to cut off a small part. From the pulp, you need to retreat 2 millimeters and use a clipper to separate the extra part of the claw. The instrument itself must be kept exactly and perpendicular to the nail. The cut must also be smooth, not oblique, otherwise there is a risk that the claw will separate.

How much does it cost to trim the cat's claws

How to cut the cat's claws? Step 3

Stop the blood after damage to the pulp. We sincerely hope that it will not come to this stage. If you still incorrectly calculated where the pulp is in the cat, and touched the blood vessels, then use a haemostatic pencil. In his absence, you can use ordinary gauze. If the bleeding is severe and can not be stopped, try sprinkling the wound with talc and sticking the claw into a piece of soap. If there is no effect from the above, immediately contact the veterinarian.

How much does it cost to trim the cat's claws?

If you decide to cut it yourselfClaws cat can not, or your pet is behaving restlessly and is not given to you, then contact the veterinary clinic. This procedure is carried out for little money (from 300 to 800 rubles). Professionals will trim claws for your cat quickly and efficiently.

Tips and advice on how to properly cut the cat's claws

  1. Cats need to be accustomed to this procedure from a young age.
  2. Do the procedure so that the animal was pleased: stroke it during the haircut, treat it with a delicacy.
  3. Regular clipping of the claws does not mean giving up the claw.

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  • How to cut the cat properly How to cut the cat properly How to cut the cat properly How to cut the cat properly How to cut the cat properly