How to convert video to avi format

How to convert video to avi format

The level of each computer useris significantly different. Someone uses it exclusively for games, someone - as an office machine, someone - as a subject of experiments and limitless possibilities, someone just needs it just to go online. Almost all of us, sooner or later, watch movies. The avi format is the most widely used video on the Internet. Naturally, you can not watch it online, but you can download it to your computer. Modern players, such as WMP, KMP, AIMP, and many others, allow you to play the format of avi video.

It happens that the old versions do not reproduce, then you need to install the necessary codecs.

Why the avi format? The fact is that most DVD players can not read discs with other formats, then the question arises: "How to convert video to avi format?". Quite often you can find on the network movies that have the format mkv. It is not played in some programs, and players and generally should not be offered to read a disc with such content. Then converters come to the rescue - programs for changing the format of video to avi format.avi format

Let's start the review of several programs, consider their disadvantages and advantages over others.

So, Magic Video Converter. It allows you to convert most formats, but the above MKV is not listed. When choosing the final product, it's easier to select the device on which the video will be viewed. It can be a tablet, iPad, IPone, phone and many other gadgets. The program itself will choose the resolution and format, but since we need the avi format, we choose it. Then you can choose the resolution and sound quality, it all depends on what file size we need. After that, just press the "convert" button and wait.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate. In principle, everything is the same: you can choose the device or the final format, after which we perform the conversion. The advantages of this program include the ability to process HD video. Here it is necessary to remember that such a technology should be supported by the device on which the viewing is conducted. In addition, 2D-video can be converted to 3D, but you should not forget about the previous condition. It is noteworthy that such software can be used to change the format of video from the iso-image.avi video format

AVS Video Converter. It's hard to just call it a converter, because it's a whole studio that is capable of processing video in many planes. For example, you can apply effects to it, cut it, glue it, insert music into video, or vice versa, extract it from there, and also write everything to disk.

ImTOO Video Converter Ultimate and Xilisoft VideoConverter Ultimate. These programs are also worthy of presentation, because they have more advanced settings and are designed to handle more experienced users who understand the codecs, frame rate and audio tracks. But do not think that a novice user can not work with it, because the interface of the program is quite simple, but interesting.

Well, the program overview is over,so let's summarize. The modern world has such technologies that the transfer of a film from one format to another takes about half an hour, and all the films can be viewed on your gadget.

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