How to connect car receiver

How to connect car receiver?

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How to connect car receiver?

You can connect the car receiver yourself,performing exactly the recommendations and advice of seasoned motorists, or with the help of car service specialists. But in the second case, you have to pay for the services, and in the first one - installing the car stereo will not cost a penny, unless you spend a little free time. But you will gain practical skills that will be useful to you as a motorist many times. So, how to connect the car stereo? We will now look for the answer to this question.

Tools for car stereo installation

We hope that you picked the right onecar radio for your own car, so you just have to be patient and with the tools necessary to perform the installation work on the car radio. You will need an electrical tape and a set of screwdrivers, as well as a tester. Insulating tape is an insulating material, so if you want, you can replace it with shrink tubing. How much time it will take to install a car stereo is hard enough to say. Because in some cases, it takes only a few minutes to complete all the work, and in some cases there will not be enough for a day.

Mounting car receiver with wires

Before connecting correctlyradio, you need to understand the way it is attached to the car panel. The ideal way to mount the car radio is when all the connectors of the device are right for your car. In addition, the complexity of installing the car radio depends on whether the wires from the battery, antenna, mass and acoustics are connected to the installation site of the car radio or not. If all these devices are available, and besides, all connectors are provided, then it is easy to install the car radio - it is only necessary to connect it to all the connectors. But still, when connecting, follow the instructions to the device.

If the connectors do not fit, but at the same time, the wiresall are withdrawn to the installation site of the car radio, then you need to purchase a special adapter for your connectors. This will be the easiest way to install the device, especially since to date, there are no problems with the purchase of connectors, because you can find everything you need to connect the car radio in the store.

It will be more difficult if the connectors in thethe car does not meet the ISO standards (this happens if the car is quite an outdated model). Then replace the connectors in the car with new ones that comply with the ISO standards.

Replace the connectors is not difficult, if the color markings of the wires match. However, be sure to use simple rules when working.

  • Before you connect the car stereo at home, thenthere is a need to disconnect the positive terminal from the battery, and to avoid tangling with the wires when replacing the connectors, disconnect one from the old connector and gradually connect to the new device.
  • In order for the car radio to work reliably,it is good to connect the wires and to insulate the connection points in a qualitative way. If the color gamut of wires does not match, you will have to use a tester to determine where to connect each posting. If there is such a need, you can lay additional wires.


The most difficult variant of connection of a radio tape recorder,if wires are not laid - you must first perform this stage of work, and only then install the radio. To learn how to connect a car receiver, we recommend viewing the video. It will help you navigate, because practical guidance is always more understandable than theoretical.

But, as a rule, the laying of the wiring is enougha rare need for a modern machine, but still there are such cases. Therefore, to begin with, buy a set of wires, with a cross section of at least 4 mm2 (such a wire would be ideal for powering the battery). For acoustics, you need to buy special wires, which will ensure a good sounding of musical compositions.

  • On the back of the car stereo there ismarking, which will help you to connect the wires correctly. Read the instructions the day before, and have a good understanding of it. The modern model of radio tape recorder is "powered" by means of a yellow power "pole", connected to the positive battery mark. Now you need to connect the wires "mass", which are marked in black. With these wires you should not have any problems - the wire of the mass must be fixed on the car body with a screw.
  • The second "pole" is a red wire thatmust be connected to the ignition switch. On this wire, when the ignition is switched on, the voltage is applied, so that the car radio starts to function. It is possible to do otherwise with a red wire - connect it together with the yellow wire to the battery, but note that a strong load is applied to the battery during parking. Therefore, before you connect the car radio in this way, think carefully, because at one point your battery can "sit down".
  • Now it remains to connect the wires to the speakers,taking into account the polarity and their location. If you incorrectly connect the wires, according to their polarity, then the sound of the music will be worse, but the car radio will work.
  • After connecting the speakers, proceed to theantenna connection. This process will not be difficult, because it is necessary to insert the plug into the corresponding socket if a passive antenna is connected. When connecting an active antenna, it is necessary to conduct an additional power cable to the car radio contact. It is designated REM, AMP or ANT.

In principle, this is the whole job of layingwires and the car radio connection is completed. So you know how to properly connect the car stereo in your car, and so you can absolutely safely perform this stage of work yourself, without attracting strangers, and not paying them money. However, the service will always remain in demand.

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