How to connect a hard drive

How to connect a hard drive?

Hard disk is one of the most sensitivecomputer parts. It can break after the voltage drops, and after a while on it there are so-called "broken sectors" - areas on which it is impossible to write down new information. According to the statements of employees of computer services, it is hard disk most often have to be changed in computers.

If you are faced with the need to replacecomputer memory, you need to purchase a new hard drive (the so-called hard disk) and ask the service center employees to connect it. But such a detail as a hard disk is easy enough to connect and you can do it yourself.

Before you start connectinghard drive, you need to pay attention to whether your computer is on warranty. So, if you bought an already assembled system unit, there will be a sticker at the back of the side and back panel that indicates the end date of the warranty period. If it's not over yet, you'd better contact the service center, otherwise you will not be able to request replacement parts for the warranty. If it has already passed or the sticker is already broken, you can proceed with the self-replacement of the hard drive.

Depending on whether you have a laptop or a desktop computer, the procedure will be slightly different.

Desktop PC

To connect a hard drive to a computer,first open its side panel. To do this, unplug the system unit from the network and remove all wires connected to it. Then turn it back to yourself.

There you will see a few bolts on the side, usingwhich secure the side panels. Usually it is enough to remove the panel that is on the right, but to replace the hard drive you need to remove both. To do this, carefully unscrew the bolts holding it, and pull the panel toward you so that it exits the grooves.

If the old hard drive is still in the case,it must be disabled. To do this, pull out of it a power loop and a loop leading to the motherboard. Unscrew the bolts securing the hard drive in the case. They are on the sides of the hard drive and they can be from two to six. In the case of newer or more expensive models, there may be no bolts, you just need to remove the latch fixing the hard drive. Also, in some cases, the hard drive cage can be completely removed from the system unit, which makes the replacement of the hard drive more convenient.

After that, install a new hard drive: insert it into the socket intended for this purpose and fix it with bolts or a special latch. After that, you need to connect to it a power loop and a loop, connecting it to the motherboard.

Modern hard drives usually haveSATA interface. To put it more simply, the plume to the motherboard is narrow and has an aperture of L-shape. Older hard drive models have an IDE interface and a wide range of cables. Of course, modern motherboards do not allow you to directly connect the IDE-loop, so the question of how to connect an old hard drive is still relevant. You can do this by using a special SATA / IDE adapter that connects to the SATA connector on the motherboard and allows you to insert an IDE loop into it.

A laptop

To connect a hard drive to a laptop, you need to purchase a device designed for this, as laptops and desktop PCs are slightly different.

Replacing the hard drive in a laptop is simple: turn off the laptop and turn it upside down. Find a small plastic cover on the bottom of the laptop and remove it. Most likely, you have to unscrew the bolt that secures it for this. Then pull on the special tape and pull out the old hard drive, gently disconnecting it from the connectors and install a new one in its place.

You can connect a standard hard drive to the laptop using the USBSATA adapter. Thanks to it you can use a regular hard drive by connecting it to a USB connector.

If you need to connect an external hard drive to a computer or laptop, you just need to use the USB-cable that was bundled with it.

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  • How to connect a hard drive How to connect a hard drive How to connect a hard drive How to connect a hard drive How to connect a hard drive How to connect a hard drive How to connect a hard drive