How to complete the test work

How to complete the test work?

Test work is a method of verificationknowledge of students and students. The work is done independently or under the guidance of the teacher. It allows you to assess the degree of mastering by the student (student) of the studied topics in different academic disciplines.

Requirements for school work

Control work in general schools -a frequent phenomenon. The requirements for their design are the same. The work is carried out in a standard notebook in a cage or a ruler with the number of pages 12, 18. The cover of the notebook indicates the name of the subject for which the test work was done, the name of the school and its location, the student's name and class, and class.

The notebook must have fields and numbered sheets. The date of performance of the work is mandatory. Performed in a legible handwriting ballpoint pen or gel pen with ink in blue or black.

Requirements for examinations of students

Gosstandart defines how to complete control work for students of higher educational institutions. It is allowed to use A4 sheets (210 * 297 mm) and notebooks.

The test work should have a clear structure and consist of:

  1. title page;
  2. the table of contents (content);
  3. introduction (opinion of the author);
  4. the main part;
  5. conclusions;
  6. list of literature;
  7. application.

On the title page above indicatesthe name of the educational institution, and below is the academic subject. Centered in the middle of the sheet, the name of the work is the control, on what subject, on which topic, the option number. Even lower on the right side are the data of the student who completed the work: surname, name, patronymic, faculty, department, group, date of work and student's signature. Below is the data of the teacher who checked the work. At the very bottom of the sheet indicate the city where the university is located, and the year of writing the test.

The table of contents includes all headings of chapters, sections,paragraphs, paragraphs with the indication of pages. In the introduction on 1-2 pages the choice of a theme of work, its importance, the purposes and research problems is justified. The main part contains the main idea of ​​the work, the research itself, methods and methods of studying and processing data, calculations. It is recommended to allocate 2-3 chapters to this part.

Further it is necessary to consider, how to issue a controlwork so that there is no return for revision. Thus, brief conclusions on the results of the work are contained in the conclusion. And in the application there are tables, diagrams, figures, photos.

After studying the topic, picking up 5-7 sources to it,Having processed the received information, it is possible to be defined with structure of work. Usually universities issue methodical recommendations, from which it is easy to learn how to properly complete the control work.

Alphabetical list of information sources: laws, monographs, textbooks, teaching aids, periodicals, etc. with the designation of authors, publishers, the date of publication - all this is indicated in the list of literature.

Registration of work

The size of the fields is set as follows: left - 30 mm, right - 20 mm, upper and lower - 20-25 mm. For the title page, the size of the left and right margins is 15 mm, and the top and bottom - 20 mm. The numbering of the pages is done in Arabic numerals, and should be through throughout the work. The number of pages begins with the title page, but the numbers are not shown on the title page and on the sheet with the content. The text is executed in a font size of 12 or 14 Times New Romans or Arial with a single or one-and-a-half interlaced spacing. It is recommended to make out a test paper with a volume of 20-25 sheets.

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