How to Clear a Cache in the Opera

What is the cache for? The concept of storage. How to Clear a Cache in the Opera

First we need to determine the concept of the cache, then to figure out how to clear the cache in opera and on the computer.

So, in order. Cache ("cache" in translation from the English.language) is a special information repository that serves to speed up certain operations and applications. For example, for an Opera guide or a similar cache is presented as a folder with temporary content. In this article we will consider the issue of how to clear the cache in the Opera.

How Caching Technology Works

When downloading a resource on the network, some elements are first loaded from the data store - the cache, the rest of the data, as usual, from the network.

This technology speeds up the loading of pages that are cached.

Sometimes a temporary folder needs to be cleaned froman extremely large concentration of content. Otherwise, the performance of the application or system falls many times. To preserve privacy, you will also need to use the operation "how to clear the cache in Opera" or for the local computer to find out the removal of temporary files of the explorer.

Browsers. Cleaning the cache. Opera

How to clean the cache in the Opera? Below is an instruction for deleting temporary files of a popular Internet browser.

  1. We start the guide Opera. You will have an interface with the tabs opened last time, and the service menu of this browser. To clear the Opera cache, you need to open the settings menu.

  2. This can be done by means of basic control commands. They are located under the "O" logo in red (where the browser displays the headers of the visited pages).

  3. Choose the command "Tools", the sub-item "delete private data". In new versions of the browser from 10 to 12 for how to clear the cache in the opera, it is this option that answers.

  4. In the warning dialog that appears, you candetail what private and temporary files you would like to remove. To do this, click on the down arrow, and the required items will be displayed in expanded form.

  5. If you only need to clean the cache, select the check box next to the corresponding sub-item. Then click "delete".

  6. If you need to delete other data (not only from the cache), also install the necessary "birds".

  7. Before selecting the necessary settings before deployingitems of detailed configuration, the application informs us that all standard items completed will lead to the closing of open tabs, and the content downloads will be interrupted.

  8. Be careful with the data you wantclear. This is especially true for information about entering password data (autocomplete passwords). By deleting such data, you can not authenticate to resources using the auto-substitution mechanism.

  9. After you delete the data, the browser will returnthe initial view of the window. For some users, it may seem that the settings have not been applied. But this is not so. All the marked operations are performed, and the absence of additional messages on this matter is a feature of the Opera browser.

Opera - cleansing the cache and private data. Additional recommendations

Clean temporary content periodically. Otherwise, there may be a situation when the browser is incorrect or does not fully display the page.

Sometimes authorization does not take place usingprivate data. Try deleting the cookies of the resource on which the problem with your identity is. Or include support for this mechanism in the guidebook Opera.

A convenient mechanism for accelerated displayaddress pages - the so-called history of visited pages or downloaded tabs. However, when you want to keep privacy, all such data must be deleted. Otherwise, anyone will be able to track your preferences.

If more than one user is running on your computer, it is also recommended that you delete data entered in forms and passwords. This is private information, which in this case should not be saved by the application.

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