How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower?

Bath or shower faucet

If you are thinking about buying a mixer, then you should first decide what functions you assign to it.

Many types of mixersThe slight difference that bathroom faucets have with a shower and without the latter should be taken into account.

What is it?

  • Faucets that are installed for a bathroom with a shower, differ spout, but rather its absence. They also do not have a switch that redirects the flow of water from the bath to the shower.
    Their size is small, which does not prevent them from coping with their tasks. Water flows into the mixer, where they are mixed and give the pressure of that temperature, which is comfortable for you.
  • Sometimes bathroom faucets with shower are equipped with a small spout, which can be fixed or rotated.
  • The bathroom appliance usually has a manual flexible adjustment. Also included is a shower holder. You can set it to a comfortable height for you.
  • Appliances in the bathroom can have a complex electronic control system.
  • A bath faucet usually has several additional openings on the outside.

If there is enough space, you can install faucets with or without spout for bath, shower or bidet. But with a small space will have to combine the devices. For example, for the sink and for the bathroom.

Mixer Types

We have decided on the functionality, now it's time to consider the types of mixers that are on the market.

Russia, like other countries, can boast the presence of such types of devices:

  • single lever;
  • two-valve;
  • with thermostat;
  • with touch panel;
  • cascading.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Single lever faucets

They are considered the easiest to use and install. After allSingle lever bath mixer with showerInstalling such a device in the bathroom with your own hands is not a problem. How to repair it.

Even call a plumber specialist is not necessary. The same simplicity remains in use. It is enough to turn the lever so that the water begins to mix and flow from the tap or shower.

The mechanism that governs this process is called a cartridge and is, unfortunately, the weakest point of this type of mixers. He often needs repairs.

After all, even the water of not very good quality will destroy it. That such device served you long, it is recommended to install additional filters on water.

Two valve mixer

Twin valve shower faucetThis is a more classic and familiar option that Russia knows. More recently, he held a leading position in the market.

The principle of operation is also simple: two knobs, each of which regulates the flow of cold or hot water.

Opening each of them in turn, you choose the temperature that will be most comfortable for you.

In this design, you can choose models with rubber or ceramic gaskets. The first ones are more affordable, but they wear out faster and you have to repair more often.

Ceramic is slightly more expensive, but it will last you longer. And they reduce the noise of the flow of water.

Faucets with thermostat

Thermostat mixerThey appeared relatively recently. But despite this, quickly gained popularity among consumers.

Their advantages are simplicity and safety in operation, to which the good quality of these sanitary appliances has increased.

They resemble a panel that has a series of buttons or arms that control water. You can easily turn on and off the pressure, adjust the temperature.

A big plus of such a device is that it is able to maintain a constant comfortable temperature. This will allow you to avoid situations where the water becomes sharply too hot or cold.

Such mixers are simply indispensable for families with small children. By saving the entered options, they will save children from the risk of burns.

Touch Panel Faucets

Touch Shower FaucetThis type of faucet is another new product on the market that Russia can boast of. Here you will find no buttons, no arms, no levers.

Using sensors, the system itself responds when an object of a certain size approaches. And when the object leaves the covered area, the water supply is turned off.

It is very convenient to install such devices in places where there are always a large number of people.

Hypermarkets, cinemas, shopping and entertainment centers, offices and other institutions prefer to use such plumbing equipment in order to reduce the cost of repairs and utility services.

Cascade Mixer

It is preferable to install it in bathrooms with a large volume, since it is able to pass water faster, more intensively.

When you work such a device, you will see how the streams of the waterfall descend into the bathroom, quickly filling it. That is why the device got its name - “cascade”.

One more plus of such a mixer is an original design that lovers of something unusual, exclusive will surely like. The disadvantage of such a device is its high price.

What should be considered yet

In addition to the functionality and appearance, you probably want to decide on the material and manufacturer. After all, this will affect how often you will need repairs.

High-quality plumbing is made of chrome or brass. Each of these materials, alone or in combination, can provide you with a safe device that can last for a long time.

Chrome faucetAnd repairs often do not have to. However, there are a few nuances to keep in mind.

Brass mixers, which are also manufactured by Russia, are often coated with nickel or special enamel.

They are able to give the product an attractive look.But during operation, the coating may be damaged, which impairs the appearance of plumbing.

Perhaps in this case, it will need repair. And nickel can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, when choosing, give preference to chrome plumbing.

As for the manufacturer, here you are already looking at your financial capabilities. Plumbing made in Germany is considered the highest quality and durable. She rarely needs repair.

European mixers and products that Russia produces are somewhere in the middle. But the plumbing made in China must be chosen with great care.

How to install the mixer

Once you have decided on the choice of the mixer, you can safely go to the store. For greater confidence, it will not hurt you to consult with a manager who will be able to orient you on the parameters that you have chosen for yourself.

But the purchase is made, and a brand new faucet is in your home. What to do next? Think about installing it. This can be done by an expert whom you call home.

Russia has many such firms.But with minimal knowledge and desire, you can do the installation yourself.

Mixer installationFirst turn off the water. Here you can help a special faucet mounted on a pipe with cold water in the bathroom.

The next step is to remove the plugs, which are located on the pipe bends with cold and hot water. To them you should screw the adapters of brass, which will then be installed mixer.

To close a hole in the wall you will need a reflector. Now you need to install it on the adapter. After completing this action, you can connect a mixer to the adapter.

Rack top shower is also attached to the mixer. If you want it to hold tight, then use a special holder for fixing. To this rack you should attach a disc top shower.

In the presence of a flexible hose for a hand shower, it should be attached to the mixer with a special clip. If needed, you can always take it off. Here the installation of the mixer and completed.

Remember that improper installation can lead to the fact that plumbing needs repair or even replacement.

Therefore, if you are not confident in your knowledge and skills, then it is better to hire an experienced master, who will install the mixer, and give useful tips on its operation, and later can carry out repairs.

Pay attention to the spout

When choosing a faucet, you should also take care of the spout. After all, this pipe plays quite an important role in creating comfort in the bathroom.

And if you make the wrong choice without bothering with a spout, then even simple hand washing or brushing your teeth will be remembered every time by a “non-evil, silent word.”

Single spout mixerThe main two parameters are the height and length of the spout. If you install the faucet on the side of the bathroom or sink, then you should know for sure what purpose you will use the spout.

For washing your hands and brushing your teeth, a “nose” is suitable with a small height and length.

However, it is not recommended to choose too small dimensions, at which even your hands do not fit under the spout.

If we are talking about a universal mixer, which is mounted on the wall, then you can not think about the dimensions of the spout pipe.

Here the more important is the height at which the mixer is located.

Experts recommend installing it at a height of 1m 20cm. However, this figure is very approximate and depends on many factors.

To comfortably use the spout, which is designed for versatility, you should choose the right length. Russia, like the markets of European countries, is ready to offer products from 30 to 50 cm. Usually their shape is flattened, and the aerator is built in and made of metal.

When the shower becomes a miracleBig shower and girl

After thinking about the mixer and spout, do not forget about a comfortable shower. Today, you can find various options that can improve your feeling of daily hygiene.

And it is not only about the cream-gels that Russia produces, which are widely advertised on television. Imagine that your skin is covered in thousands of small bubbles, creating the feeling that you are plunging into champagne.

And nothing so invigorates in the morning, as an intense shower with a high pressure of water. And after a hard day's work, filled with stress and tension, it is so nice to feel light massaging movements from the jets of water.

And the effect of rain, and a powerful pressure - all this today is real and possible thanks to such a special design as a shower head.

Replacing them, you will discover new sensations that you want to enjoy longer.

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  • How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower

    How to choose a faucet for a bath or shower