How to become stylish

How to become stylish?

Many girls and women always think about howbecome stylish. And then the question is not the amount of money for which you can buy a new wardrobe, namely, to choose the right style. Not all of us have an innate sense of taste, so let's learn together to look 100% together.

Find your style

We can say that the woman's style is internalstate. This is the image in which you will always feel comfort and coziness, and also will be in harmony with yourself. It should be an individual style, because every girl is an accomplished personality.

Do not hold the opinion that forcorrect and fashionable style, you need to buy expensive branded clothes. You can buy several such things and profitably combine them with others, which will bring in the zest. First of all, it is necessary to learn how to pick up things that, at first glance, are not categorically combined. A competent combination is the key to the success of a stylish image and elegance.

Think about the image

Each new image must be thought through totrifles. If in the imagination you are not particularly strong, then try on different clothes near the mirror and so achieve perfection. All three components of the ideal image must be in harmony:

  • clothes;
  • body;
  • thoughts.


Pay special attention to your shoes, becauseit is she who makes every woman a woman. It should be comfortable and stylish, and also fit correctly into the whole image. If you make a mistake with the selection of shoes, then the whole image can easily be spoiled.

Shoes should look perfect always. Each stylish girl should have the following shoes in the wardrobe:

  • classic shoes;
  • shoes for each day;
  • boots;
  • half-boots.

The gait should be airy, as if you are floating above the ground. If the shoes are uncomfortable, and it will be difficult for you to walk, then from this nuance the whole ideal image will collapse.


Nevertheless, how to become fashionable and stylish? Where to start? Many girls in the closet have a lot of things that just do not properly dress. Go through all the things, try to pick the right images. If there is a need, then buy a few things to complete the image. Drop the habit of buying things on sale, and then do not wear them, because there is nothing. When there is a question of buying a thing, then first of all think about the comfort with what to wear it, and then only about the price.

It is very important to focus on some detail of the wardrobe:

  • If you decide to emphasize your thighs with narrow trousers, then a blouse under them should be chosen loose, with a wide sleeve.
  • If you have stressed the chest, then trousers should have a free cut.

If you emphasize everything, you get a tastelessform. And if everything is hidden behind wide things, then it will be an image of a plump woman who wants to hide the superfluous in her figure. Never forget that every woman should have a zest. Then the charm and charm appear in the image.


How to become a stylish woman using the right onemakeup? Here the main thing to determine for yourself, where to focus - on the eyes or on the lips. If the focus on the eyes is chosen, then you need to choose a lipstick in tone to your lips, so that it does not look bright. And if the whole emphasis is on the bright lips, then the shadows on your eyes should be a natural shade.

If you want to put yourself dearly, then the purse should contain cosmetics and a purse of the corresponding brands. So you can gain significance in the eyes of strangers.

Now you should think about the color. Each girl knows what color of shadows or hair gives her beauty, and what will cause pallor and painful skin color. In order to create an ideal image, it should use no more than three colors of clothing. Choose the right tones for yourself, but do not forget to dilute them with other colors, so as not to be the same daily.


Accessories will help you in the beginning of howto become a stylish girl. They add the image of originality, femininity and completeness. But it is worth remembering that, as in all aspects, you can not go too far.


It is very important to choose the right bag. An excellent option - a bag and shoes of the same color. So the image looks finished. Remember that you are a woman, do not wear suitcases, where all documents and products fit. Big things are best placed in a separate package.


And of course, choose ornaments under your image. Then he looks rich and stylish. Here, too, the main thing is to add a light shiny detail to complete the whole image. There is a list of those things that will always look stylish on the girl:

  • A small dress of black color, in which you can go to any party. And if cool, then throw bolero and look just irresistible.
  • A black skirt that will look good both at work and with everyday wear.
  • Classic pants are perfect for business style.
  • Jeans that are loved by all girls and women. They can be combined in any way.

Your style should bring you pleasure andcomfort. Therefore, listen to your inner state. Style is the small key to great success, which will definitely come to you, because now you know how to become stylish.

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