How to become a fox

How to become a fox?

There are several shades of light brown color: dark-blond (light brown-haired), medium-blond (dark blond) and light blond (medium blond). And also the color can be warm or cold. Due to the variety of shades you can choose the shade of yours that suits you.

Tips: How to become a blonde

Light-colored hair can be achieved bydiscoloration if your hair is dark. But it can harm the hair. There are other ways of lightening hair - these are folk remedies and unstable dyes. Of course, they will not lighten much, but a change to a couple of tones without compromising hair is guaranteed. Choose colors such as light brown, ashy, and ashy-fairy, but remember that a professional hairdresser selects colors more competently and knows the technology of mixing different tones, and also uses professional hair dyes. Another way to become a blonde from a brunette is to use a more gentle method - performing the melioration, and only then coloring the hair in the right color.

If you are the owner of blond hair, then, how to become a blond from a blonde:

  • Coloring. All hair is dyed in different shades. This will give a multifaceted color and visual volume.
  • Persistent staining. Choose sparing paints, without hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.
  • Use of toning means. They will give a pleasant shade to your hair (honey, caramel or cinnamon).

As a red-haired man, there are several ways:

  1. If the rye is formed by staining, it is recommended to do salon wash.
  2. Use of tinted balms.
  3. Gradual melirovanie.
  4. Staining.

After clarification, conduct a course of restorative treatment with the help of home masks and special preparations.

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