How to activate deer in World of Tanks

How to activate deer in World of Tanks

Multiplayer games are very oftenare hung with a wide variety of modifications. They serve to personalize the game client, make it as convenient as possible for a particular user. Therefore, on most servers, administrators include the possibility of using mods, but limit it to the fact that they prohibit the use of various radical modifications that can affect the gameplay. This means that you will be able to use only those modes that will somehow facilitate the game, its perception and so on, but in no way affect your actions in the game or your opponents. In fact, it is quite difficult to define a face, for each game it has its own. This article will consider an example of the famous tank simulator World of Tanks, as well as the most popular modification of the XVM, which is also called in the people "reindeer". Next, it will be considered what exactly he is, and how to activate the deer and how to use it.

What is XVM?

how to activate a deer

Before considering the most relevantthe question of how to activate the Olenemer, you need to understand what it is like. In fact, everything is quite simple - it's a set of modifications that allow you to add a lot of useful features to the game, such as enhanced combat ratings, indicators over enemy tanks, various sights and so on. Olenemer allows you to choose those features that you like, and disable those that seemed useless. But it is worth noting that all the features of this mod are very useful in this or that situation, and the pluses of it are that you can at any time choose what you need by disabling what you do not need in a particular situation. You can customize the appearance of your client before each fight, if you have such a desire. In general, this mod is now used by almost four million users around the world, and they are all satisfied with the opportunities offered to them by developers. Now you understand what this XVM is, and most importantly - how much it can be of use to you. Therefore, now it is worth turning to the most important part - how to activate the deer?

Downloading and installing the update

how to activate the deer from jova

You do not have to worry - you do not have to lookThis mod is all over the Internet, as it has an official website. And if you are interested in how to activate the Olenemer, you will eventually have to turn to this site. But first you need to download the modification from it, then install it in the folder with the game. These files contain everything you need to activate all the functions that the developers of the mod promise you. However, this will not be enough to use a deer. You still need to activate it, because for now it's just a set of files. But what do you need to do for this? How to activate deer from Jove?

Personal account on the site

world of tanks olenemer

So, the first step to activate inWorld of Tanks Olenemer is the creation of your personal cabinet on the modification site. After that you can go into it and already there to produce all the necessary further actions. There will not be too many of them, so do not be afraid of the large amount of information that may appear before you when you go into your own office. You will need literally two steps to start using the mod. You know where to activate the deer - you just have to do it.


where to activate the deer

Here comes the most important moment for you -activation of your modification. To do this, you only need to press a single button, which is called - "Activate Services." After clicking on it, follow the instructions that will be displayed on your screen and everything will be completed successfully. Then you will find yourself in only one small step from starting to use all the extensive functions of the reindeer.

Choice of services

So, you activated the services, and nowThe modification is available to you when you start the game. However, it does not affect your client in any way - why? The fact is that you have not made the last and very important step. In your personal cabinet on the XVM fashion site you need to go to the settings and there manually activate those services that you would like to use, and also disable those that you do not like. After that, you can safely visit the World of Tanks and enjoy the way you modified your client. Naturally, you may need a little time to choose the most convenient configuration for you, since a large number of mods, each of which can be useful, creates a huge variety of variations, and all of them are worth trying in battle to realize whether it is really effective , and in fact, you have become much more convenient to manage the tank or calculate statistics. However, the efforts are worth it - the result will be really impressive.

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