How do I create a page

How do I create a page?

Virtual reality takes an essentiala place in the real life of every modern person. The ability to communicate, realize their talents and conduct business on the network requires the availability of accounts in various social networks and online services. Create the same public page on a specific site by the strength of each user.

Social networks

Facebook, VKontakte, Classmates and otherssocial networks were created for use by the widest possible audience. Thanks to this they got a fairly convenient design, which allows the newcomer to master all the services of the service in the shortest possible time.

Creating your page on them usually does not takemore than 10 minutes. In most cases, you just need to fill out a small questionnaire and come up with a password for yourself. It takes more time to create an account. Depending on the chosen social network, this can be as simple addition of photos and educational institutions (workplaces), as well as filling out detailed information about your literary, musical and other preferences.

An example of registration on a similar service is our article. How to create a page "Vkontakte"?


The free encyclopedia was conceived asthe most unbiased source of information. Unregistered users can familiarize themselves with the articles on the site, but you will have to create a new account to add your own. This is done as follows:

  1. go to the page;
  2. in the field "Account name" we specify (we come up) our nickname;
  3. Double enter the password for the entrance (a combination of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet);
  4. fill in the field "E-mail address" (to restore the forgotten password);
  5. specify the security code from the picture;
  6. we press the button "Create an account".

CMS Joomla

Joomla is one of the most popular systemscontent management. It allows you to quickly and easily create high-quality sites and manage their content. For its constant use, as with any CMS, you must pay for hosting and domain name.

To get to know her better, you canuse a free test period of one of the services (equipped with Joomla). There are a lot of them. The most common is To create a page on it you need:

  1. go to the address;
  2. in a single field indicate your email or mobile phone number;
  3. Enter the security code;
  4. to confirm the fact of acquaintance with the contract-offer (put the bird);
  5. click the "Create an account and sign in" button.

After this, the system will offer to create eitherpaid project (for 199 rubles per month), or a test project for 10 days (after you can go to a paid basis). Further work on the creation and design of the site is carried out depending on its type and tasks.

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