How do I cancel an upgrade to Windows 10

How do I cancel an upgrade to Windows 10?

Today we will try to cancel the upgrade toWindows 10. It's no secret that this operating system does not differ with its stability. And this is not too happy. Especially if you take into account the fact that many users are literally forced to change their usual "Seven" or "Eight" to "Top Ten". With automatic updates taken to fight. Why do this? Is it worth it? Maybe it's more logical to agree with the proposal from Microsoft?cancel upgrade to windows 10


Many believe that canceling the upgrade toWindows 10 still have to, if you do not want to run into trouble. Why is it so commonly believed? As already mentioned, this operating system is not yet stable for the time being. There are a lot of mistakes, imperfections and malfunctions in it, which can not be eliminated at all. So there is no point in changing the familiar "Windows" to the innovation from Microsoft Corporation.

Also the question of how to cancel the upgrade beforeWindows 10 became relevant due to the fact that this process is literally positioned as coercion. Sooner or later the computer will start to show you constantly messages with requests to update the operating system, and so intrusively that either you agree or solve the problem with disabling this option. Today we will follow the second path. What are the secrets for solving the problem?

Computer Surprises

Some still believe that one can reconcile withpermanent messages such as "Upgrade to Windows 10 is ready." How can I cancel it? You can not think, but just do not pay attention to computer requests. This is the opinion of some people.

But they are disappointed. Or rather, a little surprise. Now, "Windows 10" is becoming some kind of coercion. And those who did not bother in time to turn off the intrusive function, run the risk of remaining without their usual operating system. What are we talking about? The computer will simply be updated one time without your knowledge and will return when Windows 10 is restarted / rebooted. And then nothing will help, only a complete reinstallation of the system. Not the best option, is not it? So let's try to figure out how to cancel Windows 8.1 upgrade to 10 and not only. It's not so difficult. Or maybe you generally choose an option that completely eliminates the occurrence of this problem!how to cancel an upgrade to windows 10


It is with these techniques and secrets that we will begin. You can cancel the upgrade of Windows 10. But at the same time, some users can quickly put themselves on the list of those who do not face our today's problem. Why and how?

It's simple. It turned out that the fault is the regular messages with requests to update the most common "Windows Update Center." So, in the old operating systems you do not have this text. Members claim that simply using any "windose" to "Seven" (not her) to never see a message stating that you need to update to Windows 10.

In principle, a good option. That is, the old operating systems are our salvation. For example, you can work on "Vista" or XP, while not knowing any problems. Only not all of this alignment is suitable. Many are used to the G-7 and the G-8, they want to work with them. For these users, too, there is an exit.

Not an honest reception

Which one? How can I uninstall the update to Windows 10 once and for all? In addition to using older versions of operating systems, everyone has, though not the most honest, but effective version of the action. He, like the previous alignment, contributes to the complete elimination of the problem. That is, you generally will not have to see computer requests and "scores".windows 7 cancel update to windows 10

What are we talking about? On the use of pirated versions of "Windows". It's no secret that in them to the "Update Center", which is responsible for this process, fit smartly. And either completely remove this utility so that users do not have any problems, or by default it has settings so that you can check and download only those updates that you think fit.

Thus, if you do not want to understand for a long time,how to cancel the upgrade to Windows 10, you can download yourself a pirated version of any operating system. The option, as already said, is not the most honest and legal, but it does take place. Many users refuse from licensed copies and at the same time successfully work for computers. Just what you need.

Disable the "Center"

But now you can start more familiar andofficial methods of solving our current task. How do I cancel an upgrade to Windows 10? There are several ways to do this, it is desirable to implement them all in life. Sharing will increase your chances of success.

It was already said, for our today's message inanswer "Windows Update Center". To get rid of annoying reminders and requirements, simply turn off this service. Or rather, work a little with the settings thereof.

Want to know how to cancel a scheduledupgrade to Windows 10? Look in the "Center" and contact there "Settings." Now in the boot parameters it is necessary to install the option that you like most. It is usually customary to set "Do not check or download". It is still marked in red and with the signature "Not recommended." If you want, you can also choose "Check, but decide to download and install updates to provide me." This option is not too reliable. Upgrading Windows 10 may "slip" past this add-on. Save the changes - you can continue.update to windows 10 is ready to cancel


How to be, if the computer has already appearedmessage asking you to change the operating system? Frankly, you can cancel the reservation for upgrading to Windows 10 after that. To panic it is obviously not necessary. But it will also have to act quickly, quickly.

You disabled automatic checking and installationdocuments in the "Center"? Fine, but do not rush to leave this service. The thing is that if there is an alert, you will have to delete some files installed on the computer. Of course, we are talking about updates. And they, as it is not difficult to guess, are in the "Center for Updates".

There is one nuance here - you need to consider whichthe operating system is installed at you at the moment. Windows 7? Undo upgrade to Windows 10 will help files under the names KB3035583, KB2952664 and KB3021917. But for the "eight", find KB3035583 and KB2976978. You can try to search directly in the "Center", but it's better to go to "Programs and Features" (in the "Control Panel"), and then look in the "Installed Updates." In the search bar, locate the files listed above, then select them, right-click and select "Delete" in the dialog box. Everything, as soon as the documents are deleted, you can close the service. In the "Update Center", you can also try to do to uninstall an update to windows 10


What's next? So far, very few steps have been taken to express with pride the successful conclusion of our present task. Fortunately, the most difficult is over. There are only a few steps left that will help us cancel the upgrade to Windows 10. Once you have done everything that was suggested earlier, you will need to contact our "Center" again. It will not only need to remove, but hide the update, which displays a message asking you to change the operating system to the "top ten".

How to do it? Start the check of possible "updates" yourself and wait for the results. It will be necessary to pay attention to the item "Important". Look in there and carefully look at everything that will be offered by the system. Without fail, there will be files where Windows 10 is mentioned. Right-click on them, and then select the "Hide" option. Such a procedure must be done with all documents that raise suspicions. And do not forget about the files for Windows 7 and 8 that we deleted. They too can meet in the list. If you saw them, hide it.


It would seem that there is nothing more to be done. After all, the "Updates Center" is now cleaned to the maximum, to the limit. But this is not so. How can I uninstall the update to Windows 10? It's not so simple. After all, it begins to "register" in a computer so that the user can not easily get rid of it. Only to cancel an update windows 8 1 to 10

The problem is that on a computer withthe messages will appear with requests to update, a separate folder will appear. It is usually hidden from the user's eyes. It's called $ Windows. BT. This file will have to be found and fixed. Otherwise, you will not be able to solve the task set before us today. All this is due to the fact that the specified folder - this is the very update of Windows 10, which we tried so hard to remove.

Where is the object we need? Refer to the system partition of the hard drive, to the Windows folder. That's where the object will be located. You will need to delete it. And the following way: first select the folder, then press Shift and Del. The system will report the irreversibility of the process. Agree with this and complete the operation. Also, you can simply delete Windows BT, and after clear the trash.


In principle, that's all. Now it's clear how to cancel the installation of the update to Windows 10. If you think about it, it's not so difficult if you know what services to use. It is recommended to first get rid of the Windows BT folder, and only then work with the "Update Center" and other to cancel a scheduled update to windows 10But remember, 100% guarantee of success is not. You can cancel the upgrade to Windows 10 only with pirated software versions, where this feature does not appear in principle. Consider this. How to deal with messages and warnings? It's up to you. More often than not, users generally use "pirates" and do not think that they may be required to update from them.

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