Happy Happy - stroller for rest and travel

"Happy Happy" - stroller for rest and travel

"Happy Baby" - stroller designed specificallyfor travel, trips, long summer walks. A small passenger of this transport can comfortably sit in it and look around while awake, while being protected from the scorching sun by a voluminous hood. And when the baby is tired, the back of the stroller can be lowered so that he falls asleep. The main features of this transport are easy folding and light weight. Thanks to this "Happy Baby" - a stroller, which is convenient to take with you on any trip. After all, it fits perfectly into the trunk of any car, under the shelf of the compartment, into the luggage compartment of the aircraft. At the same time, the stroller has many advantages of premium transport: it's a comfortable back, and quality fabrics, and lots of convenient parts.

Happy Baby Stroller


Weight and dimensions: the "Happy Happy" stroller has a weight of only 7.5 kg.

Convenience:the backrest has 4 positions: from sedentary to almost completely horizontal. It can be expanded up to 170 degrees, which makes the bed spacious and comfortable for the baby. There is a removable headrest pillow. The leg support is adjustable, it can be set to the desired position.

stroller cane happy babySecurity: The seat belt has 5 points, which makes it possible to fix the child securely. The protective front bumper can be completely removed for better access to the baby. Fabrics and materials are completely safe.

Frame: wheels rubber cast, all wheel blocks are doubled. The diameter of the wheels is 15 cm. The frame is aluminum, lightweight. Type of folding - cane, there is a handle for carrying a folded stroller. Handles comfortable ergonomic shape, with a special coating, anti-slip.

"Happy Happy" accessories: The stroller has a sun hood, large enough and comfortable. It unfolds almost noiselessly. A mesh shopping basket is located under the berth. Access to it with the folded back completely blocked.

Stroller "Happy Baby Cindy" on a walk

stroller happy happy baby sindiThis transport is suitable for kids who alreadyconfidently sitting. The manufacturer recommends using it for those who have already reached the semi-annual milestone, because children under 6 months are required absolutely flat surface, and almost horizontal back is not suitable for them. Those who already know how to sit will be quite comfortable in this stroller. Experts say that it will be convenient for even large enough children, because the back width is quite large. Many mothers who chose this transport, note that "Happy Baby" - a stroller, which will be quite convenient even for a three-year-old child. Use this transport is easy and simple, but it can not be called all-weather. Wheels, although they are relatively large in comparison with other strollers of this segment, but not powerful enough to overcome snow obstacles and autumn mudslides. But all the summer roadblocks to them on the shoulder. Therefore, despite the belonging of the stroller to a rather inexpensive price segment, it can be an excellent choice for those who are looking for transport for walks in the warm season or planning a long trip.

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  • Happy Happy - stroller for rest and travel Happy Happy - stroller for rest and travel Happy Happy - stroller for rest and travel Happy Happy - stroller for rest and travel Happy Happy - stroller for rest and travel Happy Happy - stroller for rest and travel Happy Happy - stroller for rest and travel Happy Happy - stroller for rest and travel