Hairy tattoo of eyebrows. Care after tattoo after skin

Hairy tattoo of eyebrows. Care after tattoo after skin

Not all girls from nature are beautiful and denseeyebrows. Many of the fair sex every morning have to deal with their sketching and alignment. To correct natural defects and save time on makeup will help the hair tattoo of eyebrows. Care after tattooing is very important for proper healing and obtaining a good result. These questions about the procedure and caring for the hairline are discussed in the article.

eyebrow care after tattoo healing

What is hair tatoo?

This method of correcting the eyebrows was already appreciated by many women. Why is it becoming so popular? Eyebrows after the procedure for several years look beautiful and natural - that's the whole secret.

It is the hair tattoo that emphasizesnatural beauty. The wizard draws small grooves with the help of a typewriter or special needles and fills them with color. The result is an imitation of real eyebrows. The paint remains bright for a long time, the pigment is washed out slowly, unlike other contour make-up techniques. The main thing is the master's experience and proper skin care after eyebrow tattooing.

A skilled expert will draw hairs so that theircan not be distinguished from the present. Only a close look at an indecently close distance will let you know the tattoo. Thanks to the hair technique, girls can abandon shadows, pencils and other eyebrows.

Types of hair tatoo

Contour make-up is currently performed inseveral techniques, and each has its own advantages. Regardless of the way the eyebrow tattoo is made, care after the procedure will be the same.

European (or entrapment) method. The strokes are performed in parallel with the same intervals between them. In this case, the hairs are drawn in the same length and thickness. The result is neat, but not so natural.

tattoo of eyebrows care after tattooing

Eastern (or Japanese technology). This is a more modern and natural variant of eyebrows, the exact opposite of the European method. The length and thickness of the strokes are different, the hairs drawn can be interlaced and look in different directions. At first glance, it may seem that the result is careless. But it just gives the eyebrows a natural appearance. In fact, this is a piece of jewelry that requires a specialist to be highly skilled.

More experienced cosmetologists use a combination ofthese techniques. And the competent expert himself will advise a more suitable technique, tell how the eyebrow tattoo will pass. Care after tattooing and correction are necessary conditions for a good result.

When is it worth doing a hair tattoo?

This technique of contour make-up is performed in the following cases:

  • to correct the asymmetry of the eyebrows;
  • for correcting the shape or color;
  • to mask scars and scars;
  • with a lack or excess of hair;
  • with no hair at all.

eyebrow tattoo care after the procedure

Even one of the listed problems isindicator to this procedure. Hair tattoo will close scars, bald spots or rare patches. Eyebrows will be absolutely identical and as ideal as possible. The result will match your desires, if, of course, the master is experienced. The main thing is the proper care after eyebrow tattooing. The hair method will help make the face attractive, even if many bulbs have been destroyed.

Contraindications to the procedure

No matter how attractive the hair tattoo, it is not suitable for everyone. In some cases, it can not be done categorically:

  • with a tendency to skin diseases;
  • presence of papillomas and moles in the eyebrows;
  • close proximity of the vessels relative to the upper layers of the dermis;
  • lowered immunity;
  • decreased or increased arterial pressure.

The responsible master before the tattoo is sure to make sure that you do not have such problems.

How to prepare for a tattoo

Many masters tell about eyebrow tattooing, leaving after tattooing, but forget to mention that you need to take care of yourself and before the procedure. However, this strongly affects the final result.

care after eyebrow tattoo hair

A few days before tattooing, you should give up some pleasures that will interfere with the quality work of the master.

1. Alcohol. Liquefies the blood, because of which during the application of the paint may appear a sap.

2. Antibiotics. They interfere with the pigment, because of which the color of the eyebrows will be uneven or faded.

3. Solarium. If it is not abandoned, the skin may become coarser and become resistant to the pigments introduced.

4. Eyebrow correction. For a week before tattooing, you should not remove excess hairs. This will prevent the master from assessing their length, thickness, density and direction of growth.

5. Caffeine, fatty foods and other harmful products.

Also, carefully consider the color of future eyebrows,then fix it will be very difficult and expensive. Brunettes will suit black or brown, blondes - light coffee or gray, and red girls should stop on copper and chestnut shades.

Tattoo application procedure

A competent master will not immediately poke with needlesclient. First, ask about your health problems, the desired color, the shape of the eyebrows, tell about itself tattooing eyebrows, tattoo after care. Only after this the expert will start the procedure.

hair tattoo eyebrow care after the procedure

First, the skin is cleansed of fat and cosmetics. Then a special pencil draws a shape of the eyebrows and is coordinated with the client. Then, repeated disinfection and anesthesia are carried out. Further the cosmetician already works the typewriter or special needles.

In the process of applying the pigment, the skin is injured,there are small wounds and blood is secreted. There is always redness and a slight swelling. Of course, after such a procedure, you just need proper and proper care, so that you do not have health problems and you get a beautiful eyebrow tattoo.


After the tattoo on the eyebrows are formed crusts of blood,and they need proper care. They keep an average of a week, and during this time they can not be ripped off or poked. It is necessary to wait, when crusts will disappear. Otherwise, the pigment will be uneven.

After the procedure, it is important to use healingointments. The master himself will advise which one is best for you. Usually it is an ointment against burns or a gel based on a vegetable base without alcohol. Apply this cream on the eyebrows and the skin around the skin. When it is absorbed, the procedure must be repeated. It is also recommended to treat the skin and eyebrows with "Chlorhexidine" every couple of hours before applying the ointment. And so on until complete healing.

skin care after eyebrow tattooing

Care after eyebrow tattoos in the first days shouldbe sterile. Ordinary tap water for washing does not work, otherwise there is a risk of infection. Use boiled with antibacterial soap or a special cleansing lotion.

What can not be done during the healing period

Strictly forbidden:

  • damage crust;
  • to visit a sauna, a sauna or steam out a face;
  • rub your face and scratch your eyebrows;
  • use a towel with a hard pile;
  • remove hairs on the eyebrows;
  • use alcohol-containing products;
  • to put cosmetics on the eyebrows, to mask the crusts with powder, foundation or other means.

If you do not follow these recommendations, there is a riskget irritation, inflammation or poor-quality result. If you really want to cover up the healing eyebrows and there is no possibility to sit out at home this time, then lower the bangs, this will save the situation.

Eyebrow care after tattoo healing

When the crusts fall off, the eyebrows will be bright. This should not be frightened, it should be so. Color saturation can persist for several months, after the pigment becomes more faded. If necessary, after healing the skin, you can again contact the master for correction.

care after eyebrow tattoos in the early days

Of course, tattooing facilitates the care of the eyebrows, but notit is worth throwing them. Eyebrows brushes a thick brush, cut over the entire length of manicure scissors. Hairschip only outside the applied paint.

Usually tattooing lasts for several years,so you can not use pencils or shadows to give brightness. Of course, this is provided that the procedure was carried out correctly, and caring for damaged skin was correct.

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