Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

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Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself?

Whatgreek hairstyleIs it possible to make it at home by yourself? Do I have to have long hair for this? What accessories are required to create a hair style in the Greek style and what stylists advise - the answers in this article.

What is a Greek hairstyle?

Look like a Greek goddess can almost any girl or woman. Except perhaps the owners are too short, boy haircuts.

The rest of the Greek hairstyle do it yourself is available. There are a variety of styling options - a bundle, a low bundle, which is called a korimbos, braided braids that are wrapped around the head, with falling curls.

Greek hairstyle

Greek hairstyle is done without dressings and with the use of accessories: headbands, rubber bands, ribbons, braids, headbands, pearl threads.

The Greek hairstyle looks better on wavy and curly hair, but you can also put straight lines in a beautiful and original way.

Greek hairstyle - photo

Many celebrities are fan of hairstyles in the Greek style and often make them, for example, the movie star Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron

And this is what a Greek wedding hairstyle looks like:

Greek Wedding Hairstyle

Spit is often an element of the hairstyle in the Greek style:

Greek hairstyle with a braid

A girl with a bang may well afford the Greek version of hair styling:

Greek hairstyle with bangs

How to make a Greek hairstyle?

It is more convenient, of course, to do hairstyles in salons. But often there is no time for this, and there are no means. Therefore, our women are fully capable of self-dyeing their hair and making themselves a real masterpiece on their heads.

Let's take a step-by-step analysis of how to style your hair in the Greek style. In this embodiment, uses a long chain, you can replace it with a bandage.

1. The upper part of the hair should be collected from behind and fastened for a while with hairpins. The bangs leave free. Fix the lower part of the hair with a rubber band.

Hairstyle step 1

2. In the tip of the chain you need to put an invisible being and fix it on the back of your head. Then wrap the chain around the head and fix it. In the same way we will make the second round.

Hairstyle step 2

3. Divide into two strands the lower part of the hair.

Hairstyle step 3

4. From the lower strands we weave two braids, wrap them around the head and fix them with invisible ones.

Hairstyle step 4

five.The free part of the hair on the top, which we fastened with hairpins, curl with forceps or wind it up with curlers.

Hairstyle step 5

6. And now we will twist each curl on a finger and fasten it with the help of stealth to the head, until we finish everything.

Hairstyle step 6

7. And this is how our Greek hairstyle for long hair will look like in the end:

Greek Style Hair

Hair can be slightly fixed with lacquer, but the main charm of the Greek style is in naturalness, even some slight negligence, loose locks will only give charm to the owner of such styling.

Greek hairstyle with bandage

The use of dressing is traditional for the Greek hairstyle, this is, let's say, its “trick”. Consider the options for styling hair of medium length, they are suitable for girls who do not wear bangs:

  1. divide the hair into a straight parting, gently comb;
  2. bandage put on his head so that the back it was lower than in front of the forehead;
  3. we separate the hair strands and fill them under the bandage so as to hide it under the hair;
  4. strands are refilled arbitrarily, special care is not required here, it will be more natural.

And it will take us 10 minutes to create a hairstyle.

Greek hairstyle with bandage

How to make a Greek hairstyle with a bandage- Option number 2:

  1. comb hair and collect hands, as if going to tie them in a ponytail;
  2. tie up the ends of the hair with an ordinary rubber band;
  3. take a bandage and attach the tips to it using stealth;
  4. now it is necessary to gradually wind the hair on the bandage, wrapping it around the tube as closely as possible;
  5. in the end you get a roller, which you need to press to the head, and put a bandage on your forehead;
  6. we will distribute hair evenly, we will fill the got out locks, and the Greek hairstyle is ready.

Greek hairstyle

This is what a Greek hairstyle looks like on medium hair, and the following walkthrough will show how to fit a shorter length - up to the shoulders.

The peculiarity of laying in that short strands are twisted under the bezel or bandage, starting from the area just below the ears. Longer strands give birth to the temples.

It is not necessary to stretch the hair, but too free hair too should not be.

Making Greek Hair

Styling Tips for Making Greek Hair Style

Greek hairstyle goes and blondes, and brown-haired women, and brunettes. It looks perfect on medium-length hair, long-haired beauties have more room for fantasy, but more effort is needed to build a hairstyle.

Starting to create a hairstyle in the Greek style, prepare in advance all the necessary accessories: a comb, stealth, hairpins, hairpins, gum, headbands, hair spray.

The bandage looks better if it differs by 2 tones from the hair - either darker or lighter.

Use a simple bandage - then the hair can be decorated with decorative pins, and vice versa: decorated, bright bandage is not combined with hairpins with rhinestones and stones.

Elegant Greek hairstyle

Bandages of pastel shades or imitating gold and silver look very noble.

Look good on the hair gum-braids. In addition, they are softer than the bandages with beads.

Choosing a bandage, pay attention to its elasticity and strength - the weak will not keep hair. But tight can leave a red stripe on his forehead and press his head to the pain.

Choose the thickness of the rim depending on the appearance - for those who have a low forehead and thick eyebrows, plaits and wide models of rims and bandages will not work.

Since the Greek hairstyle is characterized by naturalness, lightness and airiness, do not abuse the means for fixation. Especially nice light disheveled looks from owners of wavy hair.

A variety of Greek hairstyles allows you to create them for any situations and occasions. They are almost universal: simpler styling is appropriate on weekdays, and the options are more complicated,with the use of jewelry, pearl threads and tiaras emphasize the beauty of evening dress and will look great for special occasions.

Romantic Greek Hairstyle - Video

See in this video a detailed master class on creating hairstyles in the Greek style, which will decorate both a young girl and a young woman, giving an image of tenderness and romance:

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  • Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself

    Hairstyle in the Greek style. How to make yourself