Hair Regenerating Mask

Hair Regenerating Mask

Luxurious strong hair is the dream of any woman andthe pride of their possessor. Lush curls attract the attention of the opposite sex, turn the ordinary beauty into a fairy queen. Long healthy hair was considered the main attribute of female beauty. But nowadays, as a result of chasing a slender figure and adhering to rigid diets, hormonal changes in the body, stresses and environmental problems, hair, deprived of enough vitamins and minerals, first weaken, split, and then die prematurely. Do not add health locks our efforts for their coloring, straightening, discoloration, chemical perm. When the ends of the hair become split, and the number of hairs dropped over the figure of 100 at a rate of 40-50 pieces, a restoring hair mask comes to the rescue.

Girls who are used to trusting their ownappearance only to cosmetologists or trichologists, in this case it is necessary to apply to a beauty salon to a specialist. He will not only check the condition of the hair, but also prescribe effective procedures for their restoration. Today in the arsenal of trichologists there are: computer diagnostics and mesotherapy, biorevitalization and a lot of nutrient restoring hair masks. However, such procedures are not expensive and are not designed for each purse.

And how without all this magnificence treatedOur grandmothers, having beautiful well-groomed hair? People's hair masks helped to preserve their natural beauty: mixtures of burdock, linseed and castor oil, decoction of nettle and other medicinal herbs, natural dairy products, egg, honey and onion masks. The healing effect of healing hair could be obtained from foods that are abundant in the kitchen. Surprisingly, these recipes work, caring for the hair of our contemporaries.

Restoring hair mask does not requireadd to its composition of outlandish overseas drugs, and the amount of time for its application is small. Masks designed to give shine, applied before washing, on dry hair. In order for nutrients to penetrate more actively into the follicles and into the structure of the hair, we create a thermal effect by putting on a polyethylene cap and wrapping the head with a towel. After the procedure, we wash off the remains of the mask with warm water, then with a shampoo suitable for the type of hair, we apply balm conditioner. Dry hair naturally, use a hairdryer after the mask experts do not recommend. In addition, it is possible to significantly reduce the therapeutic effect of the procedure by high temperature.

One of the most common home prescription treatments for "tired" hair, giving an ideal recovery result, includes the following components:

  • egg yolk of a hen's egg (compulsory ingredient) - 1 piece;
  • natural honey - 1 tbsp;
  • burdock or olive oil - 1 teaspoon;
  • lemon juice - 1 tsp;
  • yogurt without additives or kefir - 1 tbsp;
  • garlic - 1 clove (rub or crush).

This restoring hair mask caninclude in its composition for a greater effect and 1 tablespoon of hair care products bought in a cosmetic shop. However, this ingredient is not mandatory. We put the prepared mixture on hair, we put on a hat and we wrap up a head. The procedure is carried out for 45 minutes. The greater effect is manifested if the mask lasts two hours. After washing the hair at the end of the procedure and rinsing them with an air conditioner, you can rinse your head again with half a liter of cool water diluted with 1/8 of the lemon juice. Such rinsing after treatment or usual washing helps to give to hair an amazing shine and silkiness. In addition, the hair thanks to this remedy becomes smooth and docile.

Another repairing hair mask is suitablefor their fatty type. We buy in the pharmacy tincture of calendula and castor oil. Mix in a homogeneous emulsion of 10 st. spoons of tincture and 1 tbsp. spoon of purchased oil. Massage the movements into the scalp and also keep the mask for two hours. To improve hair and nourish them with vitamins of group B and proteins will help mask from "live beer". The hops entering into the composition of beer will return a shining healthy shine to the hair.

Masks for hair, restoring the structure andfeeding roots, contain vegetable oils. So, for example, an Italian actress, a beautiful Monica Bellucci after washing her head with a diluted shampoo, applies natural olive oil to the roots of her hair. Her luxurious well-groomed hair admires admirers and connoisseurs of real female beauty.

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  • Hair Regenerating Mask Hair Regenerating Mask Hair Regenerating Mask Hair Regenerating Mask Hair Regenerating Mask