GTA: SAMP-RP - this is what Terms РП

"GTA: SAMP-RP" - this is what? Terms РП

Many experienced gamers remember the times of the thirdpart of the GTA. When she was born, there was a real revolution in the gaming industry. Computer games began to move into a three-dimensional world, and it was "GTA 3" that became an advanced project that managed to offer not only the wonders of the three-dimensional world, but also a huge number of other pleasant moments. Naturally, the developers did not stop there, and it was thanks to this that gamers could see the project, which became legendary for a long time and is still considered the best in the entire series. It is, of course, about "GTA: San Andreas". In the game there were even more incredible opportunities, which at that time no one could even dream of. However, most of all, against the background of the others, something was called "SAMP".

"SAMP" stands for "San Andreasmultiplayer ", that is, it is a multiplayer game add-on that allows you to be on the same server with other gamers - both with your friends and with completely strangers. Naturally, this affected the success of the project, and even taking into account the fact that in the modern world every month multi-user projects of the highest level are issued, the servers of "SAMP" are always filled to capacity. Especially when it comes to RP, these are the servers where the roles are played. And it is about this, as well as the terms relating to the RP, will be described in detail in this article. RP is a real phenomenon of gaming, because it is incredibly popular even today.

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What it is?

RP is a Role Play, that is, playing out the roles. However, many gamers may be surprised, because "GTA: San Andreas" - this is not a role-playing game, but an action-shooter. And it is in this aspect that the secret of this project lies, because shooters appeared in the light of a sufficient number and ten, and fifteen years ago. But there was never a project like "SAMP-RP". Accordingly, gamers immediately began to spend dozens of hours behind this game. But what is its peculiarity?

It turns out that the RP are the conditions of the game, that is, the worldremains the same, all the characters remain the same, but within the RP there are certain rules, laws, and many other details that are responsible for the full functioning of the server. Thus, a person comes to the server, receives an identity card, signs up for a profession and begins to act out his role.

He can simply fulfill his duties, canstrive to move up the career ladder, create your own business, acquire a family and so on. Someone chooses a bandit way for themselves, others become policemen to stop bandits. In general, life on the server is always boiling. And that's why "SAMP: RP" is a project for centuries, which became popular for a long time, but managed to keep its relevance up to now.

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How does the interaction work?

Unlike most computer games,which have the function of multi-user mode, in "GTA: SAMP-RP" most of the interactions occur in the gaming chat, that is, players communicate with each other, and also perform numerous actions, using various commands. However, in this case there is one very important aspect that you should pay attention to. On the servers there is a strict distinction between RP and non-RPM messages, and you need to familiarize yourself with this topic in more detail.

If you write a message on behalf of yourcharacter, then you can not care about any additional characters, since the game chat is a place where all communication between players takes place. These are RP-messages, that is, those that are written in the framework of the role being played. What then are non-RPM messages? This is what you want to say as a player, not as a character. And if you want to use this approach, you need to enclose your message in double brackets, that is, give it the following form: ((text)).

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In "SAMP-RP" terms are very diverse,and the most important you have already learned. It is, of course, the RP. But now, when you have already learned all the details about the game chat, you should also study another term - MG. This is a "metagaming", but it's unlikely that you've told a lot of decoding. What does this mean? Metaheyming means messages that have been sent in the wrong form. If you sent a message to the game chat from yourself, and not from your character, without enclosing it in double brackets - this is MG, and this aspect is very tightly controlled, and violators are seriously punished.

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Terms relating to homicides

You can also see numerous terms in"SAMP-RP": SK, TK, DM and so on. Each term has its own meaning and can play an important role in the gameplay. Now you will learn about the most important terms that indicate one or another form of murder in the project. For example, DM is the murder of a player without a valid reason, and it is punished very cruelly. If you see the term DB, it means that the murder was committed using a car. As for the term UK, it is also an extremely ugly and cruelly punished act. The fact is that this is a "spawn kill", that is, killing a player who just appeared in the game. Well, the last term about murders that you should know is TC, "tim kill", that is, killing a player from his team.

Other teams

Naturally, there are otherteams that you should familiarize with when you play "SAMP-RP". For example, RK is a return to the place where your character was killed, and BH is a device that is allowed only in non-RIP mode. This is a jogging run that allows you to move faster than with a normal run.

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  • GTA: SAMP-RP - this is what Terms РП GTA: SAMP-RP - this is what Terms РП GTA: SAMP-RP - this is what Terms РП GTA: SAMP-RP - this is what Terms РП GTA: SAMP-RP - this is what Terms РП