Green mustard in Orenburg

"Green mustard" in Orenburg

When there is a desire to taste Japanese disheskitchen, irresistibly pulls into a restaurant, beckoning with its atmosphere and exquisite food, you can safely go to the "Green Mustard" in Orenburg. This is the name of several restaurants and sushi studio located in different parts of the city.

Addresses of restaurants and sushi studio "Green Mustard"

In the heart of the city of Orenburga new restaurant from this network. Now, strolling along the Orenburg pedestrian Arbat - Sovetskaya street, you can plunge into the Japanese atmosphere, having tasted the rolls in the "Green Mustard".

Address of the restaurant: st. Sovetskaya, 38. Working hours: 24 hours, daily.

And in the same house with the first private museumOrenburg shawl, there is another Japanese restaurant. Here, as in any other institution of this network, you will be offered a wide assortment of dishes in a beautiful cozy hall with impeccable service.

The address of this restaurant is Green Mustard: Znamensky Proyezd, 1/1 Working hours: Friday - Saturday and public holidays 24 hours; Sunday - Thursday from 10:00 to 02:00.

green mustard

Discover the author's dishes of Japanese cuisinepossibly in the eastern part of the city in the Leninsky district. A special children's menu, a summer terrace, an interesting interior will not leave indifferent the most discerning visitors of the Green Mustard.

Address of the restaurant: Nezhinskoe highway, 3/3. Working hours: Friday-Saturday and public holidays 24 hours; Sunday-Thursday from 10:00 to 02:00.

The fourth restaurant of this network can be found in the business center "Rina" on the street. Salmyshskaya. This place is called the "Green Mustard" sushi studio.

Its address: st. Salmyshskaya, 34/1. Working hours: Friday - Saturday and public holidays 24 hours; Sunday - Thursday from 10:00 to 02:00.

Restaurant menu

The menu in all the restaurants of "Green Mustard" is diverse and original. It will surprise not only traditional sushi, but also delicious Japanese pizza and rice burgers.

green mustard rolls

The menu includes the following items:

  • A wide range of sushi - gunkany, nigiri, de lux (from 45 to 205 rubles., For the set will have to pay 605 rubles.).
  • A variety of snacks and salads (80-475 rubles. / 90-585 rubles., Respectively).
  • Numerous rolls - traditional, hot,sweet. A lot of new products. For example, rolls of "Takka tofu black" with tuna and cheese look very exquisite and evoke appetite (the price range is great from 70 to 495 rubles per serving).
  • Dishes from fish, meat and seafood can be selected for hot (from 265 rubles to 1155 rubles.) There are also famous Japanese shish kebabs (70-245 rubles.).
  • More than 15 kinds of various soups of Japanese cuisine (145-495 rub.).
  • Business lunch from 190 rubles.
  • The most delicious FOC (the price depends on the choice of ingredients).
  • Live seafood.
  • Pizza and burgers in the Japanese style (170-395 rub.)
  • Desserts and drinks.

In any restaurant there is a children's menu. And also there is a delivery to the house.


Original ideas embodied in unusualinteriors, are perhaps the hallmark of all four restaurants. Very many visitors celebrate a special atmosphere, attractive and creating an atmosphere of a cozy Asian corner. This, no doubt, contributes to the abundance of natural materials in the interior.

sushi green mustard

In restaurants on Znamensky and Nezhinsky highwaythere are summer verandas. The amazing garden of stones and the symbolic pagoda in the "Green Mustard" on Nezhinsky certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. Almost all schools have a children's playroom, which is very convenient for family visits.

Shares in the "Green Mustard"

Do not forget about the nice bonuses. All restaurants of the named network offer various discounts and gifts for their customers. Here are some of them:

  • A pleasant bonus for the birthday - a discount of 7% is valid for a week before and after the birthday.
  • Any fifth mojito as a gift.
  • On weekdays until Thursday, until 19:00, a half of the gift for an order for your favorite rolls.
  • Sweet gift to any tea ordered.

The network of restaurants "Green Mustard" embodies the best traditions of Japanese cuisine and a cozy atmosphere and deserves special attention of the indigenous people and guests of Orenburg.

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