Green lipstick: manifested and fashionable green ideas

Green lipstick: manifested and fashionable "green" ideas

Lipsticks of non-standard shades do not use suchpopular, like the usual colors. Nevertheless, they can be bought at the store. Under certain rules, even green lipstick may look unusual and attractive. A wrong make-up threatens that the classic red color on the lips will look defiant and vulgar.

green lipstick

The basis

Lipstick green appeared due totelevision. At a time when it was black and white, the use of red lipstick from the announcer made the lips faded and invisible. This was due to the use of red filters that "eat" color. Therefore, and began to apply green lipstick, helped to create the effect of painted lips. By the way, the compositions of the green palette were used as blush.

Bright lipsticks of non-standard palette emphasizeimperfections of the skin of the face. If you decide to use a purple or green cosmetic, you need to pay special attention to the smoothing of complexion. It is necessary to use correctors to mask pimples, redness and bruises under the eyes. Then apply a foundation and lightly powder the face.

Correct accents

To make your makeup beautiful, you shouldcorrectly place accents. Since the green lipstick will set the lips, the eyes should not be too bright. The best choice will be a neutral palette of shadows and well-colored eyelashes. You can use eyeliner in the color of lipstick, but the hands should be thin and elegant. It is appropriate to look such a lipstick in combination with some detail of a dress of a similar color or manicure.

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Lovers of impudent make-up can dotwo-colored lips. As a second tone, it is recommended to give preference to pink or red. First, the selected shade of green should be applied to the entire surface of the lips, then a second tone should be applied to the central region.

To whom does

Lipstick green is an absolute hit2017 year. And the trend did not come from fashion shows, as it usually was, but from social networks. Now there are many stylish girls who dictate fashion trends, thanks to the armies of subscribers and followers, some of them become very popular.

lipstick green

According to the stylists, the green lipstick isA universal beauty tool, suitable for all girls, regardless of color. Light-skinned emerald or cobalt tone is suitable, and the owners of swarthy skin are better to choose in favor of olive or tender-green hue.

Less extravagant choice

If you want to add to the image of summer greenery, butfor an experiment with a lipstick this color lacks the courage, you can give preference to the shadows and eyeliner for the eyes of this palette. What will be in harmony with the natural palette of lipsticks "Maybelin". Customer reviews positively characterize the cosmetics of the brand name. Of the advantages traditionally distinguished:

  • wide range of colors;
  • affordable price;
  • soft application;
  • moisturizing the lips;
  • funds do not slip;
  • have a pleasant scent.

Of the shortcomings, most customers give outnot very high durability. What requires regular adjustment of bright lipsticks. Therefore, they can not be called the best choice for important events, when you want to look perfect for a long time. Reviews of lipsticks "Meybelin" pastel flowers have more positive assessments, as their gradual erasure from the lips plays not so significant role.

Developing lipstick

In appearance, a green lipstick can conceal a puzzle in itselfand acquire a completely different color on the lips. It can not be called a novelty, as it has been known for several decades. The modern product has a more natural composition. The color change is due to special ingredients. When applied, it has no hue, keeping colorless for a few minutes. Then there is magic - on the lips appears a shade of pink and red palette. Due to the ability of the pigment, the color is retained on the skin for several hours. The shade that appears on the lips depends on the concentration of the coloring substance of hematoxylin. Pigment is obtained from kampeshevy trees growing in India. For the necessary chemical reaction, the composition includes a triterpene glycoside, which is made from fish oils. Its property is the inhibition of the oxidation process of the pigment. As a result of the combination of these two natural components, the pink color of the lipstick is obtained.

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Not all such products have a naturalin some, there are other components that may be hazardous to health. Therefore, when choosing it is important to pay attention to the components. If such information is not available at all, it is worth noting the purchase of a cosmetic product.

How to use lipstick

Depending on the manufacturer, the initial toneThe manifested product varies from light to dark green. Lipstick is applied to dry and clean skin of lips. To ensure uniform application, you should first smile and then gently make up your lips. To prevent the product from gathering in the lips, wait for the shade to develop. Then you can additionally use a transparent lip gloss.

dark green lipstick

For the harmonious make-up, the whole image is important. Then even green, purple, blue colors of cosmetics will not cause negative emotions in others.

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  • Green lipstick: manifested and fashionable green ideas Green lipstick: manifested and fashionable green ideas Green lipstick: manifested and fashionable green ideas Green lipstick: manifested and fashionable green ideas Green lipstick: manifested and fashionable green ideas