Great rivers of Great Britain

Great rivers of Great Britain

Great Britain is famous for its humid climate,which is characterized by frequent rains and constant fog. This island owes not only the proximity of the ocean to its powerful currents, but also a wide network of rivers and other water bodies. Which are the most significant? Let's study the rivers of Great Britain closer!The rivers of Great Britain


The length of the river is three hundred and fiftyfour kilometers. This makes the Severn the longest river in the country. Its sources are located at a height of six hundred and ten meters, on top of the Cambrian mountain range called Plilaymon. The Severn flows through Ceredigion, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. The longest river in the UK is impressive and the speed that can reach up to one hundred and seven meters per second. The Severn flows into the sea bay of Bristol Channel, which is part of the Celtic Sea, and that, in turn, belongs to the Atlantic Ocean. The river has several tributaries, the largest of which are Viruuai, Tim, Staua and Uherukshirsky Avon. It is believed that the name "Severn" Celtic origin, but the exact meaning of the word is lost.Great rivers of Great Britain


Perhaps this is not the biggest riverGreat Britain (Severn is almost ten kilometers long), but certainly the most famous. The Thames begins its journey in the territory of Gloucestershire, from where it goes to the North Sea. Especially significant it is that the pool passes through London, the capital of England. Within it, the river can raise its level by as much as seven meters. The Thames is fed by dozens of tributaries.

Attractions are located on theriver islands and areas of salt water. For thousands of years the Thames has been the center of life here. It serves as an important transport highway, a source of energy and water. All this makes her a permanent participant in British history and a kind of natural boundary. To this day, the Thames attracts people, but no longer conquerors, but creators - writers and artists find inspiration on its shores. And it is not surprising, because the question about what river is the UK, you can answer this name. The legendary Thames will always be the most famous not only in the country, but also in the world.


Enumerating the major rivers of Great Britain, it is worthto call this - Ui is the natural boundary between Wales and England. In addition, its beaches are protected as reserved and serve as a recreation area. The ancient name of Ui was "Vaga". The modern name is borrowed from Welsh and is associated with local mountainous areas. The source is located on the top of Plilaymon. The city of Chepstow Ui meets with the course of the Severn.

Most tourists know only whatThe river is the United Kingdom - they know the Thames. But Ui is worthy of special attention, as it is absolutely not polluted and serves as a place for perfect fishing. In the spring, you can catch copies of record sizes. Wu is also interesting for athletes - a long river is well suited for kayaking. The most difficult site is the descent of Simonds Yat Rapids.What river is the UK on?


We will continue to study the large rivers of Great Britain. Dee has a length of one hundred and ten kilometers, which is quite a lot for the island state. The river crosses the territory of England and Wales, in some areas forming a natural boundary between them. Its source is in Snowdonia, the current passes through the city of Chester and goes to the sea, where it flows to the peninsula of Uiral. The river basin is one thousand eight hundred and sixteen square kilometers, and the number of precipitations falling into it is almost seven hundred millimeters per year. The average speed of the current is thirty-seven meters per second. In the basin there are such large reservoirs as Lake Bala and Llyn Brenig.The Long River of Great Britain


Enumerating the rivers of Great Britain, do not forgetand about this. Esk is located on the territory of Scotland, dividing the two areas - Galloway and Dumfries. The river flows into Solway, before it passes through the counties of Cumbria. The source is located on a hill near the town of Moffat. This long river of Great Britain is actively used for fishing - it breeds a variety of freshwater species, including salmon, eels and trout. Their special agency is engaged in fishing.

The main tributary is Liddell Water,combined with Eskom between the cities of Longtown and Kenonbi. This river serves as the boundary between England and Scotland. Another well-known tributary is Lin, and also Sark and Curtel Water are located on different sides of the city of Grent.The longest river in the UK


Many rivers in the UK begin theirmountainous terrain. Eden is no exception, the source is located between the hills High Sith, Hugh Sit and Yorkshire Dales. The current serves as the border of the counties of Cumbria and Yorkshire. Nearby, two other major rivers, the Swail and the Yu, originate. Eden flows through the town of Appleby-in-Westmoorland, moves west through Penris and merges with Kaldu at Carlisle. On its way there is a landmark of stones arranged in a circle. This similarity of Stonehenge is called "Long Meg and her daughter." In addition, the river is crossed by a railway overpass constructed in 1834. At the confluence with Kaldu is the wall of Hadrian, a defensive wall built during the Roman conquest of Britain. Further downstream, the river flows into Sowlui Bay, making a path of one hundred and forty-five kilometers.The Greatest River in Great Britain


This river flows through the county of Cumbria. Historically, these lands were called Cumberland. The source of this river of Great Britain is located on Mount Skiddou, from where the current goes to the east, passes between Bousskey Fell and Carrock Fell, and then, crossing the territory of several villages, it turns out at the Buckabank dam. There, the water drives the wheel of the paper mill and serves as the basis for a special canal containing salmon. Further on the way to Kaldu there are several bridges and one more dam, as well as a dam, once a factory. At the city of the same name, it merges with the Eden River, before it rounds its banks with an ancient castle with a nine-hundred-year history. Extremely picturesque beaches make Kaleju popular with tourists and locals traveling on their native land by car.


Another fairly long river is Gelt. It flows through the territory of the English county of Cumbria, not far from the border with Northumberland. The source is on a hill called Butt Hill. The stream goes to Mount Camry, and then turns north and in the wooded area merges with the Old Water current, originating from Mount Crucburn Pike.

The common pool passes between the Tolkien Fall andCastle Carrock Fell, not far from the same villages. The river crosses the territory of the town of Greenwell, and then goes to the famous landmark called "The Man-made Rock of Dzhelta." This stone index of the Roman times, it is believed that it was laid in the year 207. There is also a legend about the cave Abraham Cave, who had a battle at the Jelth Bridge. The river merges with the current Irsing near the castle Edmond, which is located ten miles east of the city called Carlisle, and already with its waters moves to the sea.

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