Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography

Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography

Professional politician Goryacheva SvetlanaPetrovna, a senator from the Primorsky Territory, gave her whole life to serving the people. Her political views and demands remained unchanged throughout her life - she is for the justice and well-being of her country. How did the life of Svetlana Goryacheva evolve, was it easy and simple? We will tell the biography of the senator in detail.

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Childhood and family

Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna was born (in her youthwore the surname Bezdetko) June 3, 1947 in a small village Risovy, in the heart of the Primorsky Territory, in the Anuchinsky district. The girl's mother worked as a conductor on the railway, her father served in artillery troops as a young man, and then worked as a forester all his life. The land in which the family of 7 people lived (Svetlana was the eldest of five children) was deaf, taiga. Life was not easy, not only that the times after the war were heavy, and the living conditions were very ascetic. From childhood, Svetlana had to work a lot around the house, helping her parents in the household. Therefore, she knew firsthand from an early age, what is the life of a simple people. At school Svetlana studied well and after her graduation she decided to enter the institute.

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The Beginning of Adulthood

But in the Far Eastern University, the legalFaculty Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna entered only the third time. The competition there was huge, and for admission was required work experience. Therefore, Goryacheva's adult life began with work in a variety of places. For three years she worked as an auxiliary worker, an accountant, a cashier, an assembler-riveter and even an artist-designer.


Admission to the university was, according to Goryacheva,one of the happiest moments of her life. She studied at the university well. And in 1974, Goryacheva received a long-awaited diploma about the graduation from the Far Eastern University in the specialty "jurisprudence". All her life she proudly talked about her native university, which gave her a good start in the profession. Since the time of her studies, she has always fallen in love with Vladivostok and always says that for her the city and Primorye are the best place on earth.

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Prosecutor Goryacheva

In 1974, Svetlana Petrovna entered the workforcelegal adviser to the executive committee of the Council of People's Deputies of Primorsky Krai. Two years later, Goryacheva moved to work in the Vladivostok Prosecutor's Office, as prosecutor of the general supervision department. At this point, she worked for 9 years. In 1986, she became a prosecutor of the Environmental Protection Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office of the Primorsky Territory. During this period, she had to travel a lot around the region, and she fell in love with her "little homeland". Svetlana Petrovna says that when she lands on the plane at the airport in Vladivostok, she always improves her mood. Only here she feels incredible warmth and peace. In 1990, Goryacheva left the prosecutor's office and left for Moscow. In 1991, Svetlana Petrovna returned to the Pomorye prosecutor's office, where she worked as deputy prosecutor of Vladivostok for four years.

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Deputy of the First Convocation

With the onset of democratic processes in RussiaGoryacheva begins to actively participate in social activities. In 1990, she won elections and became a People's Deputy of the RSFSR. Her campaign was very vivid, built on calls for social justice. In parliament she became a member of the "Russia" faction. At the First Congress of People's Deputies Svetlana Goryachev was elected deputy chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR for personally nominating her candidacy as the Chairman of this body, Boris Yeltsin. Very quickly it became clear that Svetlana Petrovna on many issues does not agree with Yeltsin and Khasbulatov. Together with Boris Yessin's other deputy Boris Isaev, two chairmen of both houses of parliament, Ramazan Abdulatipov and Vladimir Isakov and their deputies V. Syrovatko and A. Vishnyakov, Goryacheva signed a famous "letter of six" in which Boris Yeltsin's activities were heavily criticized. Svetlana Petrovna issued a statement against Yeltsin at a meeting of the Supreme Council and at the Third Congress of People's Deputies. When in 1991 Ruslan Khasbulatov became chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, Goryacheva resigned from her position as a deputy, in connection with disagreement with the position of the new leader.

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The way of the people's choice

Despite the fact that Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovnarefused to work in the Armed Forces of the RSFSR, she did not abandon plans to engage in political activities. In 1992, she joined the political council of the National Salvation Front. In 1993 Svetlana Petrovna actively participated in the confrontation between Yeltsin and the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. She publicly opposed the dissolution of the Council. During the storming of the White House Goryacheva was in the ranks of his defenders.

In 1995, S.P. Goryacheva becomes a member of the State Duma on party lists of the Communist Party, was elected deputy chairman of the State Duma. In 1999, she again successfully passed the elections and headed the State Duma Committee on Women, Family and Youth. In 2003, Svetlana Petrovna goes to the elections to the State Duma and becomes a member of the State Duma's Committee for Rules and Work. In 2007 and in 2011, Goryacheva became a Duma deputy on the lists of "Fair Russia".

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The Communist Party

Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna, whose biographyis associated with the protection of the interests of the people, in 1977 joined the ranks of the CPSU. She was an active member of the party, in 1995 she joined the Duma faction of the Communist Party. However, the principled Goryacheva could not tolerate the internal processes in the party, when the well-being of her leaders was placed higher than the interests of the people. In 2002, Svetlana Petrovna had an open conflict with G. Zyuganov, who demanded that Goryacheva resign from the position of the Chairman of the State Duma Committee for the redistribution of leading posts between the Duma factions. And at the party congress, she was expelled from the members of the Communist Party. Later, Svetlana Petrovna repeatedly criticized Zyuganov's policy, accusing him of pursuing his personal interests.

"Fair Russia"

In 2007, Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna, photowhich increasingly flashed in the social-democratic press, became a member of the party "Fair Russia" and entered the party list in the election number three. In the Duma, she became deputy head of the faction "SR" Nikolai Levichev. In the next Duma cycle, Goryachev again passed into the deputies on the lists of "Fair Russia" and became deputy to Sergei Mironov - the new leader of the faction.

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Council of the Federation

In 2004, the Primorsky Territory has a newSenator - Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna. The Federation Council became for her a new place of work by decision of the governor of the region Vladimir Miklushevsky. He promised during the election campaign that he would make Goryachev a senator. He expressed the hope that Svetlana Petrovna, with her vast experience of work, will be able to bring much benefit to the region, defending his interests at the federal level. In the Federation Council, Goryacheva works as deputy chairman of the committee on regulations and organization of parliamentary activities.

Political views and statements

Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna is differentpatriotic left position. Throughout her political life, she has always advocated justice, for strict observance of the constitutional rights of Russians. For such a long parliamentary career, she repeatedly made loud statements. In particular, she remembered her speech against US citizens adopting children from Russia, as the children are destined for this sad fate, they will become sexual toys or sources of organs for transplantation.


For her active service in Russia Goryacheva SvetlanaPetrovna repeatedly received the highest awards. She is the Chevalier of the Order of Honor, the holder of the medals "For Merits in the Development of Parliamentarism", "In Memory of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow", "For Merit in Conducting the All-Union Population Census." He has several certificates of honor.

Personal life

Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna, whose familyhas always been a true home front and a refuge, married even during the student years. Her husband Goryachev Leonid Vasilievich always supported his wife in all endeavors, she says with great gratitude that she never heard a word of reproach from her husband for giving so much time and energy to politics. The couple has a son, Yaroslav, who graduated from the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University, later studied financier.

Svetlana Petrovna likes to go in her free timeat exhibitions, reading Russian classical literature. She says she does not represent her life without Pushkin, Tolstoy, Yesenin, she finds answers to all her questions from them. He also reads a lot of Russian philosophers: Roerich, Uspensky, Pisemsky.

Recalling her life, she says that the most important and happy events in her were admission to the institute, the birth of her son.

Official contacts

As Senator Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna, contactswhich can be found on the official website of the Federation Council, is hosting citizens in Vladivostok (at 22, Svetlanskaya St., 1614) and on the Internet. Also, citizens can apply to Svetlana Petrovna by phone in Moscow: 8 (495) 692-66-98, 8 (495) 986-61-62 or in Vladivostok: 8- (4232) 20-83-71. You can use either e-mail or a form on the website of the Federation Council.

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  • Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography Goryacheva Svetlana Petrovna: family, contacts, photo, biography