German Shepherds black - character, puppies, photo

German Shepherds black - character, puppies, photo

The heroine of our today's article does not needrepresentation. The German Shepherd is known to many animal lovers. This breed of intelligent and strong service dogs of medium and medium-large size. These animals are distinguished by expressive beautiful appearance and natural article and power.German Shepherd Dogs Black

Common color

As a rule, these dogs have a stained color -combination of reddish-brown with black. It was once recognized as "the most beautiful", and therefore actively selected. As a result, the German shepherd of black color is a rare phenomenon, and therefore black puppies are a kind of deficit.

Peculiarities of color

All-knowing statistics state that GermanShepherds black make up no more than 3% of the total number of animals of this breed. Among the official dogs there is a certain pattern. In the police service, German shepherds are used more often than other breeds. Black individuals - along with excellent working qualities - have the most expressive and beautiful exterior.

German Shepherds are black dogs.inherited from both parents non-dominant genes. Puppies of this breed, inheriting genes of black color only from the father or only from the mother, will never have a completely monophatically colored coat.

Undoubtedly, German shepherds, black from the noseto the toes, the paws are very beautiful animals. But it is rather difficult to say about the final color of the newborn puppy until he has an "adult", the main upper coat.

Black sheepdog has not only spectacularnoble color, but also a special elegance of the silhouette. It is interesting that a black puppy can appear from "ordinary" parents, but two black individuals can give puppies with some disorders of pigmentation.


On the nature of the German shepherd can speakhours. In the opinion of specialists and amateur dog breeders, the pureblood "Germans", regardless of color, have practically no negative character traits, which makes the dog irreplaceable and unique. These are noble and highly intelligent animals, for whom the main goal of life is selfless service for the benefit of their master. They are not fans of lying around, for them in the joy of any opportunity to be useful to a person. They will be happy to accompany the master in military service or on an ordinary walk.puppies of a black German shepherd

German Shepherd Dogs are not conflict-free, they neverThey will not show untrue aggression towards a person and other domestic animals. They can themselves (without a host team) react to any situation. If someone from your family is threatened, then this dog will not wait for the team, it will instantly react and protect you.

Fearlessness, fearlessness are the main features of theseanimals. The German Shepherd Black will not meditate on unequal powers with the enemy, she will rush at him and fight until her last breath, defending the interests of the owner. This wise animal is very attached to one person - it is he who must take care of her upbringing. She is very fond of other family members, especially children. With them, she can play for hours, forgetting for a while about seriousness.

German Shepherds Black do not like idleness andloneliness. If for a long time the dog is deprived of communication with the owner, she misses and misses. The only way to get her out of this state is to give her some task, for example, to entrust to protect the territory or things of the master.

He is a faithful and loyal friend with strong nerves and a stable psyche.

Puppies of the Black German Shepherd

Black color of these dogs is the mostvulnerable in terms of inheritance. For him, two recessive genes are responsible. Consequently, it is easily superseded if at least one of the parents has a bright, dominant color.

Black puppies are born from a black and scoop dog. Or at two scoop parents, in the event that one of the ancestors had a similar color. Born black, the puppies do not change the color of the coat.german shepherd of black color

When buying a black puppy in a nursery,attention to his behavior. Kids should be fun, curious and playful. If puppies have bloated tummies, this may indicate that they have worms. The nose must necessarily be moist. Pay special attention to the health of the ears and eyes.

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  • German Shepherds black - character, puppies, photo German Shepherds black - character, puppies, photo German Shepherds black - character, puppies, photo German Shepherds black - character, puppies, photo German Shepherds black - character, puppies, photo German Shepherds black - character, puppies, photo German Shepherds black - character, puppies, photo