Gela Meskhi - filmography, biography, personal life and photos

Gela Meskhi - filmography, biography, personal life and photos

Fans of creativity Gela Meskhi believe that hea unique actor, as it can connect a real game with the feelings that his hero is experiencing behind the screen. Reincarnation occurs quickly, for this he is considered an artist from God, endowed with birth with an extraordinary talent, which he skillfully uses.

Gela Meskhi

In the films where Meskhi plays, he actsa real sensitive person, but at the same time dangerous and strong. Some consider him a little capricious, but this is permissible to him, since such an actor needs to be looked up ...


Gela Meskhi, whose biography is sufficientinteresting, was born on May 13, 1986 in a Russian family, who lived in Moscow. The actor's surname is Georgian, as his father had Georgian roots. And although Gela considers herself to be Russian, Georgia loves Georgia with all her traditions and culture, but she is there infrequently because of her conflict with Russia.

As a child Gela was fond of football, tookparticipation in school amateur performance. The actor's skill so captivated young Meskhi that after graduation he enters the Moscow Art Theater's studio on A. Raikin's course, where he studies until 2009. While studying, the future actor takes part in many productions, plays in such productions as "Silence is Gold", "Valensian Madmen" and others. As a student, Gela Meskhi dreams of playing the role of Hamlet.

"Hamlet XXI Century"

gela Meskhi filmography

Yu.V. Kara in 2009 began shooting the film "Hamlet XXI Century." The role of Hamlet himself claimed a large number of famous at the time actors: D. Dyuzhev, K. Kryukov, A. Serebryakov and others. But at the play in the Moscow Art Theater the director noticed young Gela Meskhi and invited him to try himself in the film as Rosencrantz. However, later he was given the role of Hamlet. For a novice actor it was a debut.

According to the results of the eighth Annunciation film festival "Amur Autumn" Gela Meskhi won in the nomination "Best male role in the cinema".

The director in the film transferred the plot of the tragedy of V. Shakespeare in modern times. He was able to convey all those feelings and feelings that arise when reading or viewing the novel in its original form. The film shows modern youth with all the parties, car races and so on. Gela Meskhi plays a modern prince who spends all her time in a nightclub, where she makes new acquaintances and has fun with friends.


In 2010, there were such films with the participation of Meskhi as "Adult daughter or pregnancy test", "Comedians".

Meshi Gel actor

The great popularity of Gela Meskhi, filmographywhich has many interesting works, was received thanks to the series "Physics and Chemistry", which tells about school everyday life. Its premiere took place in 2011. Gela played in it the role of a high school student, who feels sympathy for the teacher. This is a handsome, self-assured guy, past which no young girl will pass. Insolent and independent - it was such a young man shown in the film Gela Meskhi, and his girl should be only the most beautiful. In this film, the actor proved that he can play a variety of roles. It seems that any complexity is within his power.

In 2013, the actor plays a major role inthe most interesting film "The Son of the Father of Nations". The picture is dedicated to the fate of Vasily Stalin, the son of the dictator of the Soviet Union. During the shooting, Meskhi recovered by ten kilograms, performing the most difficult tasks that the director was putting. So, for example, he was able to drive a car, and he could not do this.

actor Gela Meskhi personal life

After the success of this film Gela got a role in the new film of S. Ginsburg's "Wolf's Heart", which will be told about the events of 1924, when the Soviet Union wanted to start a war with Poland.


Today Gela Meskhi is a regular participanttroupe of the theater. Stanislavsky. He plays in such performances as "Seven Days Before the Flood", "Romeo and Juliet", "Valencia madmen", "Abduction of Sabinean's", "There will be no Trojan War", "Hamlet", "Silence is Gold", "Storm" .

Gela Meskhi. Filmography

Meskhi was shot in interesting pictures, whichhad a success with the viewer. He played major roles in such films: "Hamlet XXI Century" (2010), "Physics and Chemistry" (2011), "Son of the Father of Nations" (2013), "Wolf's Heart" (2014). Secondary roles he got in the films: "Adult daughter or pregnancy test" (2010), "Astra, I love you" (2012), "Everything is simple" (2012).

Gela Meskhi. Personal life

Gela Meskhi personal life

A twenty-seven-year-old young man with a beautifulGela is today one of the most promising actors in Russia. His personal life worries many girls, but he does not advertise it. It is only known that at a young age he was already popular with the fairer sex due to the beauty and charm that he got from his parents. Today Meskhi lives with his mother and father. Sometimes he jokes about this, saying that he does not need money so much to appear in serials because of a large fee, since his parents financially support him.


Gela always differed from peers by diligenceand perseverance. He was ready to do anything to gain a major role in the play or film. Many people think that fate is supportive of him and provides everything for gaining fame. But actually it is not. And only close people know how much effort, work and time Mesha spends on work.

Gela Meskhi biography

On stage, the actor feels a surge of energy and strength, inhe awakens the desire to go forward, no matter what. This zeal is difficult to overlook, therefore directors constantly invite him to take part in their projects.

Today the actor Gela Meskhi, whose personal lifeclosed from outsiders, is very in demand. He is often invited to shoot films, to participate in various performances of both domestic and foreign filmmakers. But while the actor is faithful to his country. And the viewer is looking forward to new roles.

The Fans

On the horizon of Russian cinema lita new bright star. A young man who is so laid out in any role, giving her all the soul and body, has a huge talent. Previously, nobody known Meskhi Gela showed that he has an inner core that gives out a born actor in it. This opinion exists not only among fans, but among all other people who at least once saw him on the stage or in the cinema.

A handsome guy with an original name fascinates the viewer from the first minutes of watching the film, regardless of the role that he plays.

All the films with Gela's participation are charged with a positive and good mood. And although he is a modest guy, Meskhi will still be able to show himself in the future.

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  • Gela Meskhi - filmography, biography, personal life and photos Gela Meskhi - filmography, biography, personal life and photos Gela Meskhi - filmography, biography, personal life and photos Gela Meskhi - filmography, biography, personal life and photos Gela Meskhi - filmography, biography, personal life and photos Gela Meskhi - filmography, biography, personal life and photos Gela Meskhi - filmography, biography, personal life and photos