Garden flower enotera - rules of breeding

Garden flower enotera - rules of breeding

The garden plot is an expanse for summer residents, whonot only seek to grow fruit trees and shrubs, but also allow to unfold their creative imagination. Flower lovers will pick up such plants that will give their green kingdom a beautiful, extraordinary, individual look. Undoubtedly, it will be a good idea to use in the landscape design the garden flower of Enotera, which in Europe was called the "night candle". This name was assigned to certain plant species. Flowers they open only in the evening, exuding a delicate pleasant aroma, and close in the morning. At us the flower has deserved other name - "оссинник", thanks to the extended form of leaves reminding ears of an ass.

On the photo, the flowers of the enotera look very elegant. The herbaceous plant has stems from twenty to one hundred and twenty centimeters high and bluish foliage. Yellow, with four petals, flowers are cupped. There are other colors: pink, white, red-brick.

garden flower of Enotera

The birthplace of the flower is called North America. Enotera belongs to the Kipreiny family. There are more than fifteen plant species known, including perennial, annual and biennial.

The flower of the evening primrose loves the sun. If you plant it in the shade, it will not flow well. Seeds are sown in open ground in autumn or spring. Before planting the plant, you must select the soil. It should be drained, light, sandy. If the soil is heavy, clay, you need to add sand and compost. Annual species of evening primrose can multiply by self-seeding. But in the spring they must be thinned out. For perennial plants is suitable breeding by dividing the bush. It should be borne in mind that the roots of them are very creeping. Their growth should be limited, otherwise they will suppress other plants.

photo flowers of Enotera

The flower of the enotera is unpretentious. He does not like to overmoist, easily suffers a drought. Nevertheless, after planting, watering should be done regularly. Soil should not dry out, otherwise there will be poor germination. After the seedlings grow, it can be dived. Between the plants should be a distance of ten centimeters. Periodically, it is necessary to feed the plant. To transplant a flower is better in May. Donkey is resistant to cold, but for winter it needs to be sheltered.

the flower of the Enotera

If you decide to dilute the flower of the evening primrose,decorate your garden plot, you can choose the following varieties of it: shrub, stepless, quadrangular, Missouri. These plants can perfectly develop on rocky areas. Shrubby varieties are very beautiful in combination with other perennials. Their decorativeness is ensured by bright autumn foliage and late bloom.

Not only do the decorative qualities that are valuablehas an enotera flower, he is known for his medicinal properties. This plant is recognized as folk medicine and is used for the manufacture of medicinal products. For example, a decoction of its flowers and leaves helps with diarrhea, tincture from the roots is used to wash bruises, wounds, and also as a diuretic.

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  • Garden flower enotera - rules of breeding Garden flower enotera - rules of breeding Garden flower enotera - rules of breeding Garden flower enotera - rules of breeding Garden flower enotera - rules of breeding Garden flower enotera - rules of breeding