Folder Options in Windows 7: What replaced this function

Folder Options in Windows 7: What replaced this function?

Folder properties in Windows 7 - from now on, unfortunately,such a term no longer exists. New features, new features and, of course, a new name - all these creators of the operating system have completed for the user's pleasure.

New name

In Windows 7, the properties of the folders are called "parameters". Run this functionfolder properties in windows 7can be as follows: open the Windows Explorer window (for example, "Computer" or another folder). Now, to customize the appearance, select the "Arrange" command, then click on the "Folder Options" line.

If you like to do everything quickly and usekeyboard, use the combination Alt-E-A. "A" and "E" are Russian letters, so that this method works, accordingly, select the Russian keyboard layout, also here during the combination, you can not press the Alt key.

Another feature of the system is that,that the "Explorer" menu has become hidden from the user, and it appears only if you press the Alt key. After that, you can press "E" to enter the menu called "Service", and after pressing the "A" key, the folder settings in Windows 7 will open directly.

For gourmets, there is another method: in the address bar of the folder, type Control folders.

Folder Properties in Windows 7: Features

As you can see, the first item "Parameters" determines the number of simultaneously running windows and allows you to open all folders in one or several windows 7 folder propertiesThe next section is "mouse clicks" - here we aredetermine how we will manage Windows with the mouse. There are two options. The first one is standard, it runs by double-clicking. The second will make your computer look like the Internet, in which everything is highlighted in the case of guidance, and the launch and entry are made by a single push.

Lower switches adjust the areatransitions. This is the folder tree, which is located on the left in the explorer. If you want to "Show all folders", the "Trash", "Control Panel" and all the desktop folders will be added to the navigation area.

You can also ask "Explorer"automatically expand to the specified folder. In this case, when moving between folders, the folder tree will also unfold, indicating your position. In normal mode, you will only see the disk that you are currently on.

Folder properties in Windows 7. View

The "View" tab carries a significant part of the settings. By default in the systemdisplay hidden folders windows 7Expansion of files and blank disks is forbiddenin computer". Here you can ask the Explorer to display the hidden folders of Windows 7. If you select the "Always show the menu" checkbox, the guide will be supplemented by the classic buttons at the top of the window, under the heading. By default, they are hidden.

From now on, each of the folders has its own type. In other words, the folder in which the photos are embedded differs significantly from the "music" folder. Each of them shows its data, and the system has learned to recognize them. For photos, the rating and date of the shooting are displayed, for music - track number, genre, album name and artist name.

Let's try to figure out how to choose a typefor the folder and apply the changes to similar directories. Go into any of the folders and right-click in the free space of the Explorer window. Select "Configure Folder", go to the "Settings" tab. Use the first box in the drop-down list to select the appropriate type.

Then tick the appropriate box toThe template was selected for all folders of this type. In the "Explorer", in the "View" section, select the way to display the files. Go back to "Folder Options", go to the "View" and "Apply to Folders" menus. Congratulations, the selected template is defined for all folders of the specified type.

customizing folders in windows 7

Show extensions

We recommend setting up showing extensions for everyonefile types. By default, the file type is not displayed, under this very often malicious files are adjusted, taking advantage of the fact that the extension .exe (executable files) is also not shown. Exe viruses often provide icons for MS Word documents, video files or other common programs.

Thinking that you are running a document or video file, youopen the virus application. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is useful to see file extensions. So we figured out how to configure the properties of the folder in Windows 7. And found out what new features appeared for this function.

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  • Folder Options in Windows 7: What replaced this function Folder Options in Windows 7: What replaced this function Folder Options in Windows 7: What replaced this function Folder Options in Windows 7: What replaced this function Folder Options in Windows 7: What replaced this function