Fishing. Spoon-bait for pike

Fishing. Spoon-bait for pike

It's very difficult and cunning to catch a pike. The success of this event depends on a lot. This is the ability to choose a good place that will provide you with cool, and the right approach to selecting bait. Important role is played by weather conditions, season and features of a particular reservoir. The success of successful fishing for such a predator, like a pike, depends also on the gear to which you will catch it. The predatory fish, to which the pike belongs, is very well caught by trolling. That is why the spoon-bait on the pike deserves some attention.

In short, the essence of fishing for abait, as a bait, is the continuous movement of this tackle. Predator takes a bait for a potential victim - fish. The most important thing is not to interrupt this movement. If you pause it for a while, the pike will lose interest in it and go to a distance. Consider that there is no point in catching it.

Experienced and novice spinnings often chooseits object to the pike. The optimal time for fishing for pike is the period of its zhora, which falls on the spring and autumn. During the period of active zhora, the pike can be caught on an artificial lure, but the properly selected spoon-bait on the pike at times will increase your catch. According to observations of fishermen, at a depth of 4 meters in the spring period, for greater effect, wobblers and spinning spoons are used. And in autumn it is necessary to catch only on the rotating model.

A spoon for pike is the tackle that requiresthe right choice and skillful use. Most of these devices are tin and copper. Quite a difficult question, which trolley is better to go pike. There are models made of brass, tombak, bimetal. Recently in the market there are models with a protective galvanic coating, which perfectly reflect light and have a good weight. Each fisherman chooses the model that he likes.

For catching in the winter period has its own characteristics. A spoon for pike made of copper, because of its light weight, is suitable for winter fishing, namely for ice fishing. The tin spoon will fall to the bottom and the pike will not fit it.

A spoon for pike, equipped with additional hooks and anchors, can worsen the game of spoon-bait, but at the same time these devices will allow to hook the fish more firmly.

It is important to take into account one more factor. To catch pike do not fit too large ponds. A large current, strong penetration and a long distance will not allow the use of a regular spoon-bait. It's different in small water bodies. In them, a spoon for pike can work for you. In addition, in such places it will be easier for you to determine the location of the fish.

There is another kind of spoon-bait on the pike - it'swavering. It should be quite large. The most popular bait in this category is Syclops. It will play perfectly, and its size will not affect mobility. One of the most popular lures for catching in stagnant water is Aglia Long.

The best bait for pike for any fisherman,which brings him the maximum catch. It should be right to choose her. Let's note the qualitative characteristics of such a spinner. It should be, first of all, strong, necessarily dyed on all sides, made with regard to shapes and sizes. Be sure to specify what metal it is made of. Aluminum samples for pike fishing are not suitable.

The best lure for a pike in the form of a musttake into account the nature of the thickening of the reservoir, its flow. For calm reservoirs - it is wide with a corrugated, smooth or corrugated surface. For reservoirs with fast flow, use an oblong ribbed spoon. Do not forget that the binding moment is rigging. If it is an oscillating spinner, there must be one hook in its tail part, if rotating - the hook is attached to a separate element.

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