Features of homemade equipment

Features of homemade equipment

Owners of private homes often facecare for your site. It is difficult to do all the manual work, and it takes a lot of time to do this (especially if the site is large). So they are thinking about buying equipment. But here there are some nuances. The main one is the high price of equipment in the store. Homemade equipment comes to the rescue. There are quite a few options on the Internet. Many samodelkin lay out the results of their work with a step-by-step description of the whole process. To choose is from what. And to embody the idea you like in life will help the detailed stages of work and photos attached.

Advantages of homemade equipment

With your hands, you can assemble aggregates of goodquality and with great functionality. True, this requires a little experience and effort. On the financial side, this is cheaper than buying ready-made machines.

homemade equipment

Basically homemade technique, photo of whichcan be found on the web, suitable for small private backyards. With its help transport cargo, ennoble the territory, cultivate the soil and so on. Due to the small size (and this, as a rule, it is), it is much easier to maneuver on the site, the non-residents to call serious technique. And in terms of functionality, the units are almost inferior. They, for example, will help to plow the soil to the same depth as conventional tractors. But manually using a shovel to dig a garden for such a depth is not always possible. This is difficult, and the soil can be rocky, and the work will move very slowly.

Another advantage of homemade equipmentis that for its construction, most often use parts and mechanisms that are in the accessibility. Even in case of possible failure, such spare parts are easy to find.

Disadvantages of technology, collected by own hands

There are some shortcomings, of whichIt is worth remembering, having decided to assemble self-made units. The main one is not everyone can do it. We need certain experience in working with tools, understanding the basic principles of the operation of mechanisms.

self-made appliances

Secondly, the search for the necessary details will requiretime. Many details can be taken from old machines, household appliances. It is possible to find a lot of interesting places where scrap metal is received. The main thing is to understand what and what is needed. And this, again, requires certain knowledge in the field of technology. It's difficult to find a detail, if you do not know how it looks. Even more difficult to search for, if the assembly provides for the presence of rare elements.

Another drawback of homemade equipmentis the impossibility of using it on public roads. For example, a tractor or a car trailer assembled with their own hands requires the registration of the relevant documents. Otherwise, it may face a fine or even confiscation.

What can be collected?

Options for self-made equipment for theira farmstead that you can build on your own, very much. Often collect tractors and mini tractors. The basis for their creation can serve as old cars, motorcycles. You can buy an engine, which is used for the motoblock. Bridges, wiring elements, steering gear and many other mechanisms can also come from such machines. Therefore, if the assembly of agricultural machinery provides for a "donor car", do not rush anything. The frame is the backbone of any machine. It can be made from a conventional metal profile. Its thickness depends on the severity that will be placed on this design. Can approach, for example, profiles 40x40 or 40x80.

homemade technique photo

They also collect attachments of variousdestination. These can be plows, cultivators, mowers, planters and much more. A dump for cleaning the area from snow in winter is popular.

For the transportation of various materials and goods, trailers are made. Their design depends on which technology they will be used.


Homemade equipment will be a good helper forwork on your site. The work will be done much faster, it will take less effort, and the result of the work will be better. The cost of money for the construction of such units will be lower than for the purchase of finished plant equipment, albeit so attractive.

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