Fashion sandals on a wedge

Fashion sandals on a wedge

The wadding became fashionable in the 30s of the last century. But the peak of its popularity fell on the 70th. For about forty years, women of fashion have pondered over whether one can trust a novelty, and eventually came to the conclusion that it really is worth it.sandals on a wedge

The sandals on the wedge are elegant and unusual. They may not be as refined as shoes on their heels, but they have one undeniable advantage over all other kinds of similar footwear, which even the ardent lovers of hairpins recognize - convenience. It does not matter which material is made of such footwear - from wood, metal, rubber or plastic - it is in any case extremely stable and designed for long wearing.

Sandals on the wedge - comfortable, feminine,light shoes. Their style can be very diverse. They are open, closed, from various materials, the most unusual design options. The choice depends entirely on personal tastes. But at the same time, the common for all lovers of this type of footwear is that they choose convenience and safety.

Now you can buy women's sandals on a wedge even through the Internet. What should I look for before buying?women's sandals on a wedgeMany first of all look at the price. This, of course, is an important criterion, but not a key one. As a rule, the price of shoes reflects its quality: the more expensive, the longer it will be worn. Although it is possible to find practical sandals not at the highest price.

A more important criterion is the convenience of shoes. An incorrect shoe can even spoil the walk, not to mention the constant calluses. Often the reason for the inconvenience is not the sandals themselves, but numerous accessories (straps, metal buckles, etc.) that squeeze and, in contact with the skin, cause rubbing. Therefore, when choosing, you need to evaluate how functional all the details are and whether they will cause inconvenience when walking.

Women's sandals on a wedge can have a soledifferent thicknesses. In style, there is an evening, everyday, beach and roughly dressed wedge. Therefore, when choosing such shoes, one should be guided by the circumstances for which it is purchased.

women's sandals on a wedgeSandals on the wedge visually lengthen the legs,so they are perfectly combined with mini-skirts and other fashionable clothes. They look original with flare, tulip skirts or long fluttering dresses. A stylish ensemble is made with a long sundress combined with a summer hat. Ideally, if sandals will be matched with the panama.

However, it is not necessary to wear sandals on a wedge with dressing dresses, shorts, since such a combination looks slightly heavy, and sometimes it is absurd.

Most often, the wedge is chosen by self-assured and courageous women who are ready to go to the goal without being distracted by such minor inconveniences as tired legs from the hairpins.

The most reliable material for such sandals(as well as for other quality shoes) is a genuine leather. Pearls, pearls, straps, ribbons and other accessories that add femininity and romanticism to the image can be used as decorations.

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