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In fact, I think, no more or less advanced traveler has long been watching “Eagle and Tails,” since at some point he had the same indignation as I had after watching the next issue. Yes, the idea is not bad with a gold card and $ 100, but in order to withstand this format, the guys have to misinterpret, keep back, frankly juggle the numbers and ... just do not talk about part of the spending. Otherwise, it turns out a big puff, first of all, with just $ 100.

I am also analyzing fakes, lies and just plain juggling of the submitted information on the example of one particular issue. By the way, it was after this release that I stopped watching this travel underreporting, which is suitable only for suckers who have never been to the places we are talking about.

So, season 8, 3rd edition, Tanzania.

A sourceaquatek-filips

Honestly, even then, just looking at this opus, I wanted to write a devastating post, because shortly before that, I visited Tanzania and Zanzibar, but I was wrapped up in other projects and simply forgot about it.And here is Regina's discharge, where she honestly talks about juggling and lies.

This is a video that I will analyze based on my experience of visiting Zanzibar.

First, a frank lie.The first thing that struck me was the complete formulation of the day, when Regina walked first through Dar es Salaam, then went to the fish market, got to the ferry, crossed to Zanzibar, went through passport control on the island, walked around Stone Town, I visited a traditional medicine shop and went to Nungwi. So, as her walk is shown, in one day she simply ... could not do all this.

I will explain why. In the release at 15.45, she says that already the day, the fish are here a bit and you need to come in the morning. And then goes to the ferry to cross to Zanzibar. Ferries to which Regina was ferried depart at 07:00, 09:30, 12:30 and at 16:00. Kohl she said that already a day is far from morning and there is no fish, and from the Mzizima market (and not Mizizim, as indicated in the issue), it was not dipped to go to the ferry, she could only catch the ferry at 16.00. It takes two hours to Zanzibar, and upon arrival all arrivals will have a passport control procedure, which takes some time.And at 18.30 (almost all year round due to the proximity to the equator) here ... sunset. That is, she would have walked through a dark city, and not, as shown in the issue, along well-lit, high-standing sun narrow streets.


Go ahead.Timecode 22:21. The cheapest room in Stone Town costs at least 200 bucks. Lies, w ... and provocation. We paid $ 25 for a single and $ 35 for a double room in a quite decent hotel with Wi-Fi in Stone Town. And there are hostels and guesthouses for 15-20 dollars without breakfast and the Internet.


We continue.Timecode 29:41. Regina goes to the village of Nungwi from Stone Town to Dala-Dala - a shuttle bus for $ 0.5. In fact, one person’s fare here is 3,000 shillings, which is two dollars. That is, there and back 4 dollars, not 1, as we fed in the transfer. By the way, if real numbers were indicated, she would not have $ 100)


Well, and then we are shown how Regina goes to the witch, she performs a ritual for her for some 10 dollars. Frank lie. In fact, the evening visit to the sorcerer in Zanzibar is one of the shnyag for tourists, it costs from 25 to 50 dollars. Yes, and an intermediary who “knows” where to find the sorcerer will ask for his ungulates, and without him a European girl at night in a dark African village would have found a fig.This I still keep quiet that the sorcerers are not sitting near the guesthouses and they need ... to go. With that conductor. For the money, of course.


And also, if you look closely at the issue, you will see that in two days Regina ate only once (on the second day, begging for food outside) and drank the contents of one coconut for 62 cents. That is, this moment the guys decided to leave it off altogether, maybe a ride. Given that more than once in the transfer girl complains about the intense heat, she did not take a sip of water. For a moment, she would have had to drink water, only buying in bottles, so as not to get sick with the stomach. And it is worth it, you will not believe money! Well, about the food, too, everything is clear, not shown, because Would not fit in $ 100.


And Regina turned out to be a very close girl who speaks frankly nonsense to the camera, and sometimes enchanting nonsense.

First nonsense.Timecode 24:42. A visit to the shop of traditional medicine and all sorts of witchcraft tricks our blonde in all seriousness delivers, as in a traditional medical store (read a pharmacy) and fucking over the herbs and skins they sell there. Also adds: "Yeah, paid African medicine is significantly different from ours free."Although it is obvious that this is not a pharmacy, and the seller said that this is a traditional medicine shop.


The second nonsense goes almost immediately. 26:32, evaluate the passage: "Wizards still resort to human sacrifice, and people are used as medicines."26:54. "According to local residents, sorcerers use the bodies and bones of albinos in broths, with which you can find diamonds in the ground." Our blonde clearly or weed in the store smelled, or she was covered with hunger. When she asked the seller for an albino finger, he looked at her like a complete fool.


Third nonsense- “The streets are clean, there are no beggars and you can not worry about sanitation ...” Apparently, Regina didn’t walk the streets at all, in fact. Hell sracha, as in India or Pakistan, is certainly not here, but there is enough dirt and especially dust in the city above the roof. Well, with "All right with sanitation," the girl clearly got excited ... No beggars? So it definitely didn’t walk, quickly took pictures and went to the hotel or to the beach. Although there they were supposed to get the kids, who always beg the Vandollar, and adults - the ubiquitous sellers of all souvenir-textile trash, which are in Nungwi, in Stone Town, on the streets that I learned on the video, just a huge amount. Especially in the area of ​​Freddie Mercury's house.

Last nonsense. Regina shows dorada for $ 9.3 per kg, lobster for $ 34, sea bass for $ 10 and octopus for $ 13.75 in the market and quite seriously declares that it is a daily meal of ordinary Tanzanians. Honestly, after such nonsense, her phrase at the end of “Believe an experienced traveler” causes only laughter. If I could walk a little without a camera to see what ordinary Tanzanians really eat every day, see what their income level is, and figured out how much they need to work in order to buy lobster for $ 34 or at least $ 10 for unauthorized per kg


What is the conclusion?The guys in the preparation of their releases do not really understand what and how in the country or place they are talking about. They do not really worry that the real budget exceeds the required $ 100, and where necessary, they simply file it, where necessary, do not negotiate where necessary, juggle facts and figures.

Well, sometimes they say things that, to put it mildly, simply do not correspond to reality, misleading the viewer, taking advantage of his ignorance of many places on our globe. It is clear that this is a TV set, but people believe ...

P.S. In one of the recent interviews, the star of the project Regina Todorenko, unexpectedly for everyone, stated that the “golden card” is nothing more than a myth, and everything that happens in the frame is just a show,The budget of each program is strictly limited. In response, the producer blamed her for lying. Leading threaten impressive fine and even dismissal.

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