Facial care after 50 years. Efficient skin care after 50 years

Facial care after 50 years. Efficient skin care after 50 years

It has long been no secret that with age, the skinundergoes significant changes. Especially noticeable are these phenomena against the background of climacteric processes. Therefore, facial care after 50 years is mandatory. At this age, a woman should watch herself with special care to keep youth and beauty longer.facial after 50 years

What happens to the skin?

Climax does not have the best effect on skincovers, as during this period in blood the level of estrogen decreases. The skin becomes much thinner due to the reduction in the fat layer and is noticeably drier. There are also changes in the structure of collagen, due to which all the recovery processes are significantly slowed down.

In addition to dryness, a woman may notice that herappearance spoils black circles under the eyes, drooping eyelids, numerous wrinkles and increased growth of hair on the face. As a rule, the face oval becomes flabby and saggy. If the woman remains in the shower as before young, such changes can greatly frighten her. In despair, she can even think about plastic. But not everything is so deplorable. A faithful face care after 50 years will help to reduce such phenomena to a minimum.skin care

What to do?

Having reached a certain age, a woman must remember the basic rules and strictly observe them:

  • Do not avoid physical activity.
  • Healthy food.
  • Protect skin from unfavorable external factors.
  • It is very important to consume a lot of pure liquid.
  • Forget about bad habits.
  • To support the body, you can choose a complex of biological supplements.

Suitable Cosmetics

Women should remember what is neededUse only those means that are suitable for them by age and correspond to their type of skin. All information can be examined on the packaging, the manufacturer must provide all the data.

To care for the skin was complete, eacha woman should have a gel for washing and milk. In no case should you use soap, as it will cause great harm to the skin. The cells are weakened with age, so do not exhaust them even more. The skin will begin to peel off and become faded and dull.

Using soft means, you can not worry aboutthat the skin will not be sufficiently nourished and moistened. Choosing the right cream is not easy, but extremely important. Preferably buy a product for dry skin. It will retain moisture and protect from drying out.

Instant lifting

Caring for a person after 50 years, is worthbe wary of newfangled trends. Especially this applies to instant lifting: many components include hormonal components that cause the growth of hair on the face. Creams with hyaluronic acid, algae and extracts of plants or serum are recognized as safe.face care at home

In the morning and in the evening

A woman should remember the main rule: you need to look after the face in the morning and in the evening. Along with cosmetics, you can use herbal infusions and rub the skin with ice - this is very useful.

Carrying out facial skin care, reviews and tipscosmeticians must be considered necessarily. They will help to choose the right means. After waking up, it is necessary to apply a cream that moisturizes, and in the evening - a nourishing cream. Masks should be applied at least twice a week to a clean face, avoiding the area around the eyes. To relax the muscles, cosmetologists recommend that you hold steam baths or cover your face with a damp warm towel. Women who performed all these recommendations, assure that the skin has become much cleaner, more taut and fresh.skin care reviews

Massage activities

Professional facial care gives excellentresults, but lymphatic drainage massage can be done independently. To do this, the face should be thoroughly cleaned and apply a nourishing cream, which includes vitamin E and plant extracts.

Before proceeding directly to theprocedure, you need to massage your head. Fingers need to be folded "claw" and in circular small movements drive against the clockwise direction. The hair should be gathered in a bundle and pulled up.

The palms are applied to the forehead in such a way that the tips of the fingers are in the center. Massage should be in the direction of the edges. The procedure is repeated three times.

Fingers need to attach to the temples and press. In this position, they should be held for a few seconds. The exercise is repeated several times.

Palms are placed on the face so that the eyes arebetween the ring finger and the middle finger. The face must be clasped, pressed slightly and the hands fixed. Then you can relax and repeat the procedure. Further, the fingers move to the cheeks and perform tapping movements. At the end of the massage, you need to force your hands to the face and release. This will help relax the muscles.professional face care

Secrets of our grandmothers

Skin care should become a familiar everyday ritual, so women will be interested to learn the secrets that were passed down from generation to generation and tested by experience.

The most safe and useful have always been the means, which are based only on natural ingredients. If you apply them regularly, the effect will not take long.


They are prepared on the basis of the features andneeds of the skin. Decoctions are best prepared from the evening, using the fees that can be purchased at the pharmacy. They should be insisted for about fifteen minutes, and after cooling they can be poured into prepared containers and put in a refrigerator. To achieve maximum effect, you can freeze the broth and ice cubes to wipe the face.


To always have a fresh face, care in the homeconditions for it should be regular. A good result is lotions based on natural ingredients. They can be prepared from fresh cucumbers, aloe leaves or sea-buckthorn. They are prepared in a proportion of 1: 1 and insisted for about ten days. After the lotion is filtered, you need to wipe their face with a cotton sponge.


Facial care after 50 years of age mustinclude a variety of masks. They are simply irreplaceable for the fading skin. You can use vegetables, fruits or dairy products. They need to be kneaded with a fork or blender and applied to the skin.

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  • Facial care after 50 years. Efficient skin care after 50 years Facial care after 50 years. Efficient skin care after 50 years Facial care after 50 years. Efficient skin care after 50 years Facial care after 50 years. Efficient skin care after 50 years Facial care after 50 years. Efficient skin care after 50 years