Explay Golf - all the details

Explay Golf - all the details

Another new development of the famous Russianthe company - the model of the smartphone of the middle class Explay Golf - differs from its predecessors with more powerful features and a successful combination of performance and good design. This device will satisfy the most capricious user, leaving no chance for complaints or indignations. The classic operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which includes all the updates, will make working with the smartphone easier and more convenient. The harmonious interface is clear and easy to use. Like other models released by this company, this smartphone is equipped at the highest level for phones of this category.

Explay Golf: the characteristics of a communicator

explay golf

Indicators of the device meet modernstandards of the world market. This device instantly took its rightful place among the best solutions of such a plan. And it happened not accidentally. The high capacity battery gives the possibility to work without recharging for a rather long period for the smartphone. The battery is quickly filled with energy using a standard USB-cable, which is also a significant plus of this phone. Its high-performance dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM will deliver a tremendous pleasure from the speed of work. This is sufficient for the full use of both basic and additional functions of the device.


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At a very convenient size (69: 136:11 mm) Explay Golf has a modest weight of 152 grams, which sometimes means a lot. The device has a built-in memory of 4 GB, which is quite enough to store installed applications, music or photos. However, if this is not enough, adding memory to a flash card will not be a problem. Such additional functions, such as GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others that have already become customary and necessary in the life of modern man, provide the most comfortable use of Explay Golf. The main 5-megapixel camera is located on the rear panel and is equipped with autofocus and flash. With its help you can create good pictures for memory. In turn, the front optics will help make a successful selfie. Sensitive, reliable and convenient sensor of new generation, not inferior in quality to the equipment of more expensive models of similar devices, guarantees comfort in use.


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A large enough screen has amazingcolor rendition. An extensive range of colors and shades in addition to a clear picture gives the image a high realism. Such a phone will for a long time become a faithful companion as a student and an active Internet user, as well as a professional who needs an apparatus for serious work.

Pleasant trifles

In addition to the basic characteristics, the communicator hasa number of undoubted advantages in matters of additional equipment. A built-in light sensor will simplify the operation of the device in a changing environment, for example on the road, when sunlight can turn to darkness. The internal memory of the Explay Golf can be increased to an impressive 32 GB, which undoubtedly will please fans of large collections of music and pictures that will always be at hand. The design is classic and strict, and this makes the smartphone suitable for people of all walks of life and all ages. A nice coloring adds to the appearance of solidity and high cost. For exotic fans, the hull panels can easily be replaced with more extravagant ones.

New phone Explay Golf user reviews,who managed to buy and try it, have already brought to the forefront of popular models that combine an acceptable price and worthy quality. The communicator has a proximity and light sensor, FM radio, support for a pair of SIM cards, Android 4.2 platform, 1600 mAh battery, MediaTek processor, 4.5-inch screen, Mali-400 video accelerator.

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  • Explay Golf - all the details Explay Golf - all the details Explay Golf - all the details Explay Golf - all the details Explay Golf - all the details Explay Golf - all the details Explay Golf - all the details