Entertainment in Crimea for children and adults: description and reviews

Entertainment in Crimea for children and adults: description and reviews

Holidays with children sometimes confronts parentsnot easy tasks. After all, you need to organize everything so that the child was interested. The Crimean peninsula provides extensive opportunities for this. For adults and children in the Crimea, there are numerous water parks, dolphinariums, zoos.

Best places to visit with children

Numerous reviews indicate that the specialpleasure children get from visiting dolphinariums. There are nine of them in the Crimea, and they function in all major cities of the peninsula. Representations, during which dolphins perform various tricks, are interesting for both children and adults. An unforgettable experience will leave pictures with dolphins and swim with them.

Entertainment for children in the Crimea is notare limited. No less exciting is the visit to water parks. The most popular of them in the Crimea is called the "Banana Republic". It is located in the village of Pribrezhnoe. The complex of the water park includes eight swimming pools and more than twenty five attractions. For visitors there are discounts (for example, on the day of birth).

Every city on the peninsula has its own entertainment. In Crimea there are several large cities, most beloved by tourists. Consider the features of children's recreation in each of them.

Entertainment for children in Yalta

One of the most famous resort towns of Crimeais Yalta. It is located in the south of the Crimean peninsula. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, it invariably attracts many tourists every year. Not far from the city is the museum "Glade of Fairy Tales", a distinctive feature of which are created by talented sculptors compositions of wood and stones, depicting scenes from famous cartoons.

entertainment in the Crimea

The tourists' testimonies indicate that this place is saturated with magic and mysticism. Getting on "Glade of fairy tales", you feel yourself in some other dimension.

What entertainment in the Crimea can still please the child? Of course, visiting the zoo.

In the zoological park "Skazka" visitors canlook at exotic animals. In Belogorsk there is a unique park of lions "Taigan", in which live more than sixty lions, tigers and other exotic animals.

entertainment for children in Crimea

Visitors, being at a safe height,inaccessible to animals, can observe their lives. These places received the greatest number of positive reviews. Children are delighted that they can see unusual animals so closely, and even feed them.

Yalta for adults

attractions and attractionsA wonderful place for walking isthe embankment of the city of Yalta, stretching for several kilometers. Walking under the palm trees, tourists can admire the sea, yachts and snow-white motor ships. Tasty lunch and music can be enjoyed in numerous cafes and restaurants located on the waterfront. A unique holiday in the Crimea: entertainment, the sea, the sun, mountains and clean air is the dream of every inhabitant of the gassed metropolis.


rest in the Crimea

A traditional place for children's recreation on the coastCrimea is the city of Evpatoria. Spacious sunny beaches, with a convenient descent to the water, are ideal for children. In the city there are numerous sanatoria and boarding houses. There are many places where you can have fun with children. You can go to the water park, dolphinarium, cinema or ride a variety of attractions. Entertainment in the Crimea, especially in Evpatoria, can afford every tourist. This is the main property of the city.

Features of recreation in the city of Saki and its environs

Saki is a small resorta town located on the coast of two lakes (Saki and Mikhailovsky). It is famous for its mud baths, to improve the health in which both adults and children can. Interest in the village of Tarkhankut for toddlers and their parents from the number of fans of active leisure is represented by water sports and mountaineering. Entertainment for children in the Crimea is organized by experienced instructors.

In the village of Nikolaevka to the services of touristsexcellent pebble beaches and numerous sanatoria are provided. Of these, the most popular boarding houses are "Southern" and "Radiant". In the south of the Crimea there are several relatively poor places - Miskhor and Nikita, famous for their beaches. They can also be visited with children.

Hospitable Alushta

what fun in the Crimea
An attractive place to relax with childrenis Alushta. Excellent beaches, with numerous water attractions will not leave indifferent any children. In addition, "Multipark" in the "Alushta" sanatorium, where the child is waiting for a meeting with the heroes of famous cartoons, is of interest to children. Not far from the waterfront there are golf courses.

In the famous dolphinariums "Nemo" and "Watercolor"to the attention of visitors are presented highly dynamic and unusually colorful representations. The largest entertaining institution for children is the water park "Almond Grove". For them, several swimming pools and numerous water slides are open. You can get acquainted with the world of marine life by visiting the Alushta Aquarium.

Any child will delight in a trip to the entertainment center under the mysterious name "Hellwell." Numerous horror stories and horror stories are in fact not terrible at all.

In the wonderful park "Crimea in miniature" childrenhave the opportunity to swim on boats on the waves and ride horses. In general, Alushta is an example of a carefully thought-out entertainment industry for tourists of any age on the peninsula of Crimea. Attractions and entertainment here are special.

Children in Sevastopol

Crimean children's entertainment

The sights of the hero-city of Sevastopol,which can be visited with children, is the summer water park "Zurbagan". It is located next to the Victory Park. For guests there are more than a dozen water slides, swimming pools, a fountain. You can visit this water park even with small children. Very friendly to the little guests of Crimea. Children's entertainment - dolphinarium - is also in Sevastopol. It is located in the heart of the city. Small visitors here can get a huge charge of positive emotions by watching performances of dolphins and trained fur seals. It works in the summer and opens doors daily for many visitors.

Another place that can be recommended forvisiting parents with children, is the game club "Belbek". During the stay there children will be entertained by professional animators. While the kids have fun, their parents can rest a little themselves.

Children's holiday in Feodosia

The city of Feodosia can rightly be considered one of thethe most attractive for resting corners of the Crimea. It is famous for its rich history, chic landscapes. The peculiarity of this place, which makes it attractive for tourists, is a unique healing climate. Arriving in Feodosia, vacationers can be accommodated in a comfortable hotel or boarding house.


In order to rest in full and reachthe maximum health-improving effect, it is necessary to combine different types of rest. In this regard, Theodosius also provides many opportunities. Entertainment in the Crimea, in the city of Feodosia, will also please its guests. To visit together with children, you can recommend the Luna Park. Right on the waterfront for kids there are many different attractions. Every child can find here an interesting lesson for themselves. Numerous locomotives, swings, carousels, horses - all this magnificence will not leave indifferent any kid.

On the coast, opposite the beach, one of thethe most famous Crimean dolphinariums. Visitors are waited by the whole cascade of unique dynamic enchanting performances of marine dwellers (dolphins and fur seals). Also, the peculiarity of the dolphinarium is that for children there are sessions of dolphin therapy, which has an amazing effect in the rehabilitation of children suffering from cerebral palsy and neurological diseases.

In the most famous Crimean village of Koktebeloperates another famous modern water park, which must necessarily visit every tourist who came to Feodosia. Water slides (both adults and children), numerous swimming pools, jacuzzi - that's far from an incomplete list of what this water park has. After skiing with a roller coaster vacationers can enjoy the southern sun, sitting on the numerous sun loungers.

Within the limits of a small article it is impossible to fully describe all the attractions that are attractive for recreation with children.

On the peninsula there are many more places that are worth visiting. Entertainment in the Crimea every year are becoming more exciting.

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  • Entertainment in Crimea for children and adults: description and reviews Entertainment in Crimea for children and adults: description and reviews Entertainment in Crimea for children and adults: description and reviews Entertainment in Crimea for children and adults: description and reviews Entertainment in Crimea for children and adults: description and reviews Entertainment in Crimea for children and adults: description and reviews