Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels

Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels

Love to spend time reading anything"Easy", with beautiful characters, a bit of drama, a sea of ​​romance and an obligatory happy end? Do you prefer not the historical realities, but modernity? Then, perhaps, you are interested in Emma Darcy's novels. In the pages of her books, charming men compete for the attention of women who are strong in spirit, Cinderella become a princess and everyone finds her happiness, despite the obstacles that appear on the way.

Emma Darcy writes all the books very emotionally and sincerely, without tormenting the heroes once again and without creating a drama from scratch.

Someone of this kind of literature does not seemmore than garbage and chewing gum for the brain, but sometimes you want to escape from everyday routine in a beautiful fantasy world. Emma Darcy provides this opportunity to her readers. After all, everyone loves fairy tales.

Emma Darcy

A little about the author

Initially, under the pseudonym of Emma Darcy was hidingtandem authors - a couple from Australia - Wendy and Frank Brennan. Ironically, both spouses were actively involved in writing books, not just Wendy.

It all started, like many novelists: Wendy met Frank, married him, became an exemplary mom and a housewife. And at some point I got carried away reading romance novels. Perhaps to ignore the routine, perhaps influenced by the sister - writer Miranda Lee. As a result, there was a desire to create something of his own, Frank supported the idea of ​​his wife, and in 1983 the first joint novel of the couple was published. The book received good reader reviews, and Emma Darcy began writing 6 love stories a year.

Emma Darcy

In 1995, Frank Brennan passed away, but Wendy decided not to quit her favorite business and continued her work alone.

Emma Darcy: romance novels

The novelist wrote more than 64 books, sodetermine and choose a suitable story, it can be a bit difficult. Everything depends on personal preferences. But that the expectations were justified, try to start with books from the top, compiled by the readers. Below is a compilation of the most popular novels written by Emma Darcy.

emma darsi all books

«Angel from the billboard»

If your girlfriend is catastrophically unlucky withmen and personal life is still not getting better, then you, too, should not relax. Angie Blessing was convinced of this on her own experience by one "beautiful" morning. To see your face on an advertising banner in the center of your native city is not a sight for the faint-hearted. Thank you friend, confused photos. Or really thanks? After all, it is this mistake that will give the girl a meeting with the man of dreams.

"Trust in fate"

Emma Darcy wrote many good romance novels, but this majority of readers are considered the best of the author's best.

novels of the emma Darcy

Do you believe in destiny? In the probability that you will have a rare chance to meet "your" person? Susan did not really believe it until she accidentally ran into Leith Carew on the porch of the medical center. Their eyes met only for a moment, but there was a strange feeling. What is it? Soulful intimacy or just sexual attraction? Fate or minute whim? To understand, Susan will have to take a chance. But the game is definitely worth the candle.

"Song of the Robins"

The robin has a pleasant voice, but a low-keyplumage, and because of this the bird remains invisible among its bright girlfriends. So did Jenny Ross, nicknamed Malinovka: she could not boast of a model appearance or charisma. But she composed and performed songs. Of course, about love. The blessing and object of sighs was available. And when Robert Knight drew attention to Jenny and offered his help, the girl decided that at least he likes. But is it really so, or does Robert need something else?

"The Full Moon of Love"

Can one day change my life? And one night?

Meeting on a family holiday, Zack and Catherinedecide to continue dating and spend a night together in the Bay of Lovers - a romantic place on the ocean. The next morning the young people part, sure that they will never see again and what happened - nothing more than a game of hormones. However, life disposes differently and gives them another chance. But they just want to continue to communicate on a new, serious level ...

emma darsi romance novels

Cousin the Impostor

Emma Darcy creates beautiful tales of modern Cinderella, who certainly meet her Prince. This story is another example of this kind of novels.

What do not you just go for work! Jenny Kent, for example, had to assign the name of his deceased girlfriend. Only after being named Isabella Rossini, the girl can write portraits of tourists in the Italian quarter of Sydney. And everything was going fine, until the guy who claimed to be her cousin appeared. But who exactly: Jenny or Isabella?

"A woman worth waiting for"

Fall in love with your own boss? And why not, if he is handsome, smart and rich. Especially as you can not order your heart. Here only the head Elizabeth does not pay any attention to his subordinate. But his brother is trying for two to attract the attention of the beauty. And it is unclear what this story would end, do not intervene in the love triangle, Sister Elizabeth. Only fidgety Lucy helped the young people to finally understand their feelings and take a step towards each other.

trust the fate of Emma Darcy

"All the colors of happiness"

Jake Carter is a young and successful businessman,a kind of modern prince on a white horse. He does not doubt a single bit of his own irresistibility and popularity among women: he is handsome, rich, single - all components of success are available. What was the man's surprise when the next woman remained absolutely indifferent to his charms. And James decides at all costs to conquer the impregnable stubborn.

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  • Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels Emma Darcy: Modern Romance Novels