Dragon-Dragon (male): characteristics and personal characteristics

Dragon-Dragon (male): characteristics and personal characteristics

Very interesting and diverse zodiacalthe combination is the Dragon-Dragon. A man, whose characteristics will be considered a little later, absorbed all the best from his patrons. From the sign of the zodiac, he got the ability to dream, set goals and achieve them. From the Dragon - the ability to think soberly and be responsible. However, everything is in order.

cancer dragon male characteristic

Zodiac characteristics

Cancers - friendly, calm and politepeople with excellent manners. Who always reciprocate, if they are treated with kindness and respect. And they can be sentimental with relatives.

But their condition directly depends on the lunar phases. Therefore, cancers can be observed sharp mood swings. Here they are cheerful and cheerful, and after an hour - irritable and rude. You should not be surprised at such a difference. The best position is to simply understand and accept this feature, which almost every Cancer is different.

The dragon is a man whose characteristic inSomething similar to this sign of the zodiac. And here is one of the common qualities - this is the love of confessions. They are kindhearted, and they like to hear good words about themselves. Therefore, girls who want to conquer and hold Cancer around themselves need to constantly talk about their feelings for him. But, despite the fact that they are prone to romance and amorousness, to rush into the marriage pool with their heads - not their habit. If Cancers marry, then, as a rule, once and for all. And they choose their ideal.

cancer in the year of the dragon male characteristic

Oriental patron

To address its specifics is also necessary beforestory about a person like the Dragon-Dragon (man). The character of the oriental patron is interesting. You can say that people born this year are real lucky people. Dragons literally born under the sign of luck.

These are eccentric and unordinary people, a littleSelfish and demanding attention. They are proud, elegant, have a vivid character and exquisite manners. These people have clearly defined ideals and correctly directed moral guidelines. They have an excellent intelligence - because they are able to excel in almost everything. And these men have excellent health, powerful energy and incredible vitality. And yet - the desire for goals.

general characteristics

So, what kind of person isDragon-dragon (man)? The character of this person is more than interesting. Because people who represent such a zodiacal combination, nature generously endowed. They are extraordinary and talented, and their energy is overwhelming. And if they manage to direct it in the right direction at a young age, then they will expect success.

By the way, these young men differ from many othersexcellent quality. They can not tell about their plans. They are simply engaged in their implementation in life, carrying out concrete actions. Though, to dream them is peculiar.

It is important to note that these people have a very strong,bright and open nature. And they never spin intrigues. These men act immediately, directly. They are lucky, resolute and courageous - in many ways it is thanks to these qualities that they get out of many games by the winners.

True, negative qualities in their nature are present. And to these can be attributed inexplicable recklessness and uncompromising.

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In love

Many girls have a legitimate interest,Talking about what is the guy-Cancer relationship in the year of the Dragon. The man whose characterization was briefly described above is very selective. They are good at themselves, and they demand being perfect from the others. They do not have a lot of real friends, but the ones that are are the best. And if such a man pays attention to this or that girl, then there are qualities in him that are valued by him. In relationships, he will be nice and sociable, with whom you can share anything, anything. And still get valuable advice. However, in the development of relations to face negative aspects of his character still have to. This is obsession, selfishness and stubbornness. These qualities are guilty of Cancer in the year of the Dragon.

A man who is a given combination,Responsibly refers to the family. When he marries, he begins to do everything for the wife and hearth. This man - the ideal option for girls who see themselves in the household.

cancer in the year of the dragon man

About compatibility

Well, the above was briefly told about what kind of personality is the Dragon-Dragon (man). Compatibility is the last topic worth noting with attention.

This person will feel good withthe Taurus girl. She is as thorough and economic as he is. And he also strives for money, being ready to accumulate them, working and working. Such girls are a great option for the Cancer family man, as they are the ideal home-keeping hearth. It is especially good if a young lady is born in the year of the Horse. After all, these girls are characterized by unlimited charm and the ability to eliminate potential difficulties long before they become a real problem. And this is an extremely useful quality, because it is a relationship with the irrational Dragon.

But the most important thing for this man is that the girl should inspire him with confidence. And then he will not only open to her, but also make her happy.

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  • Dragon-Dragon (male): characteristics and personal characteristics Dragon-Dragon (male): characteristics and personal characteristics Dragon-Dragon (male): characteristics and personal characteristics Dragon-Dragon (male): characteristics and personal characteristics Dragon-Dragon (male): characteristics and personal characteristics Dragon-Dragon (male): characteristics and personal characteristics