Do not touch white oleanders

Do not touch white oleanders!

Roman American Janet Fitch very quicklybecame popular and became a bestseller. In it intertwined love and murderous hatred, a teenage struggle for independence and a desire to find a cozy home. Yes, yes, it was intertwined, like branches of a bush, after which the book is called.

Caution: poison!white oleanders

White oleanders (sometimes not white, but pink) are nota rarity in the subtropics. Luxurious, with invitingly smelling flowers, representatives of this plant in the "domesticated" version can often be found in the room "oases" among lovers of ornamental flora. With these handsome people you need to be alert, because their juice is toxic, it contains substances that can cause serious harm to health and even kill. Cardiac glycosides, which are part of the flower, are used in pharmacology, with an overdose cause heart failure. The main characters of the novel Fitch - the mother and daughter of Magnussena - are very similar, they themselves with their Scandinavian appearance, with blonde hair flying on the dry southern wind, like white oleanders, are just as beautiful and dangerous. Poetess Ingrid alone grows her daughter Astrid. One day, the older Magnussen was imprudent to fall in love with the wrong person: he abandoned her, for which he was severely punished. White oleander served as a source of poison, which Ingrid poisoned her betrayer Barry. Since the arrest of his mother began a series of misadventures Astrid.

«Constellation» actresseswhite oleander

Based on the book in 2002, a drama wasof the same name. The film "White Oleander" collected a constellation of remarkable actresses. In the duet, the mother-daughter shines with the fascinating-cold Michelle Pfeiffer and is already old enough for her role (she plays for 20, but plays 15-year-old), but persuasive Alison Lohman. At the beginning of the picture, they are so similar to each other, but as the action develops, Astrid loves the mother and suffers because of her detachment, struggles to "bud off" and become different - at least outwardly. One jealous guardian of Starr's girlfriend was played by Robin Wright (Santa Barbara fans loved this actress for the role of Kelly), another foster mother, the one who wanted to be for Astrid native, but ended tragically, Claire-Renee Zellweger (she is more known for her comedic roles, like Bridget Jones).

In Search of Yourselfwhite oleander reviews

Absolutely all adult female drama characters -a sort of white oleander. Starr wants the death of the girl in charge, Claire herself is trying to poison herself because of her husband's indifference, well, and Ingrid has already done away with the former lover. Between them rushing unfathomable soul Astrid. She is looking for tenderness, peace of mind. But her mother is behind bars, and the girl herself is thrown from family to family, like a stray dog. How to find yourself, to become above circumstances, not to fall into the abyss? This is the story of "White Oleander". Reviews of critics and spectators were mixed. Someone was disappointed with the adaptation of the book, someone found the tape boring and prolonged-depressive. But the drama imprisoned her heart in the icy armor of Ingrid, for the deeds of which the underage daughter is paying, and, of course, thorns and thorns - all that the girl herself went through, can not help but touch.

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