Cyprus: weather in May

Cyprus: weather in May

Cyprus has a beautiful Mediterraneanclimate, which makes it a unique resort for 300 days a year. Soft and rainy winter gives way to dry and very hot summers. The climate of Cyprus has a very favorable effect on people's health.

Cyprus weather in MaySpring is also worth visiting in Cyprus, the weather in Aprilhere is not the most resort, but the whole island is covered with flowers. Beautiful, unique landscapes, full of all kinds of tropical plants, will give an unforgettable impression of relaxation.

Warm and pleasant weather comes at the end of March. Opening of the swimming season is in April, but the height of the beach period is in May. The resort island attracts people from all over the world. Everyone wanted to go to Cyprus at least once in a lifetime, the weather in May welcomes your desires and is ideal for a resort.

Transparent and clean air filled with aromascolors, bright warm sun, warm sea water, surf noise and crystal clear cloudless sky - so you will remember Cyprus, the weather in May there is the most mild.

The Cyprus summer lasts from May to the end of September. The dry season with strong heat lasts until October, after which it sharply gives way to rainy cool weather. In summer there is a large number of tourists. Tourist vouchers are sorted out as hot pies. The climate is ideal for relaxing on the beaches. In addition, this is the beginning and, accordingly, the end of the summer season, and, as is known, tickets in the off-season are cheaper, and it is easier to get them.

Cyprus weather in AprilKnowing the weather at the resort, you can always properly assemble a wardrobe.

Clothing for travel to Cyprus, the weather in May onwhich is characterized by fairly warm days and a light night's cool, maybe with short and / or long sleeves, and at night it is better to have a light jacket and vest at hand.

In summer the air temperature on the island is 32 degrees in the daytime and 16 degrees at night. In the Troodos Mountains at this time, respectively, 25 degrees in the daytime and 12 degrees at night.

Cyprus is washed by a warm and clean Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus, the weather in May on which is such that the water temperature at the coast reaches 23 degrees, is perfect for lovers of beach holidays. Over night, especially in shallow water, the water can cool down a little, but it warms up again during the day.

It is noteworthy that the sunshine in Cypruslasts an average of 11.5 hours daily for six months of summer. In winter time - for 5.5 hours. No wonder the visiting card of this island is the sun!

cyprus weather in September

To relax from the summer heat, you can alwaysgo to the mountains that occupy most of the island. The abode of the ancient Greek gods - Olympus - is in the northern part of the island, it is also the highest point of Cyprus. In the cool mountain forests you can have a great time and enjoy the beauty of nature.

In comparison with other countries similar to Cyprus, the weather in September here is temptingly warm.

In winter, the air temperature does not drop below 5 degrees Celsius at night and 10 in the afternoon.

The main advantage of the weather in Cyprus at any timestability. Arriving in summer on vacation, you do not have to worry that it will rain and prevent sunbathing and enjoy the sun. The main thing - do not get burned, so as not to spoil the impression of a truly unforgettable and fascinating vacation.

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