Customs policy. Its main objectives

Customs policy. Its main objectives

The customs policy is purposefulthe state's activity in regulating the foreign trade exchange (terms of import and export, their structure and volume) through the installation of a certain customs way of moving goods and vehicles across the borders of the customs.

Definition of the mechanism of customs policyforms a set of institutions that participate in the implementation and formation of customs policy, as well as a set of methods and forms of its implementation, ways to use the tools of customs regulation by authorized state bodies. Ensuring the economic interests of the state is the main goal of customs policy. And in this regard, Russia is no exception.

Russia's customs policy has a very large experience in ensuring the security of domestic industry and trade, the domestic market and the state, as well as economic independence.

Currently, administrative tools are needed that regulate foreign trade.

With the help of them, the state, at a time whena large number of companies independently carry out commercial operations, the growth of the foreign trade deficit may cease, and the payment and trade balance can be evened out in case of acute shortage of foreign currency, order it more rationally and abroad to buy the most necessary goods for the country, to service the foreign exchange debt, to mobilize foreign exchange reserves.

The customs policy should provideeconomic security, which represents the state of the economy, which guarantees the necessary level of defense, political and social existence and progressive development of Russia, the independence and invulnerability of its economic interests, in connection with its attitude to various impacts, as well as internal and external threats.

These tools in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimport restrictionsallow to receive concessions, all this on the basis of reciprocity, and there is also the possibility of eliminating discriminatory measures in countries (trading partners of the Russian Federation).

The customs policy is closely related to the principlesstate regulation of foreign trade activities, which include: the protection of the state's legitimate interests and rights of participants in foreign trade activities; the unity of Russia's customs policy; the unity of foreign trade policy as a sector of Russia's foreign policy; equality of participants in foreign trade activities and failure to comply with their rights; unity of the system of state regulation of foreign trade activities and control over its implementation, and others.

From the negative impact of foreignThe Russian economy is protected by the customs policy. A lot of suppliers of similar products are present on the world market, in terms of price and technical parameters, many of them are superior to domestic producers in large measure. The presence of "price scissors" in the domestic and world markets is explained by the high level of foreign trade competition.

Customs policy is an inseparable partforeign trade and economic policy of the state, it therefore depends on the objectives and objectives of the government's overall economic plan for the formation of customs unions, the formation of customs conventions, in the tariff and customs legislation, the essence of customs policy, the organization of free customs zones.

Customs duties that governentering the domestic market of imported goods, can be used to level the levels of domestic and world prices. In order to develop a market economy, it is necessary to level prices, and not the use of radical and including prohibitive measures. In the domestic market, an increase in production costs is inevitable with total absence of imports. Excessive imports, however, can lead to a disruption in the balance of foreign trade settlements, hampering the development of domestic production.

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