Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala

Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala

There are in the year such days, which are rightly called magical. They are covered with a kind of aura of incredible power. Our ancestors knew this, felt, since they had not yet wiped out their innate intuition with the technique of civilization. Take, for example, the rituals of Ivan Kupala. It's just a spellcasting day. For twenty-four hours you can completely change life, get rid of problems. Interesting?

Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala

Literally in a nutshell. There are few people who absolutely do not understand what they are talking about. The holiday of Ivan Kupala falls on the seventh of July. Ancient Russes believed that this day comes "the maturity of the summer." It's a wonderful time when the most important field work is over. Plants are filled with juice and ready for birth. People are simple - it's time to relax and enjoy the undying magic of nature, to let its forces into your body. That's when the magic ceremonies were held. On Ivan Kupala, people called for love and wealth, got rid of diseases and enemies, cleared their aura of negativity. Believe me, all this was done with awe and at the same time fun and mischievous. The purity of consciousness was then much higher in people than today. They trusted the ancestors who passed from generation to generation a secret knowledge about how to conduct rites on Ivan Kupala. There were no doubts in the minds. And why? So did everything - parents and their ancestors. And they were satisfied with their life. In general, it is necessary to believe in magic, and it begins to happen. This is the main message of this paragraph.

A bit of theory for the incredulous

Plots and rituals for Ivan Kupala now rely heavily on the Orthodox religion. Here the main argument of critics of Old Slavonic magic is buried. They are trying to prove that there could not be anything like this before the baptism of Rus. Historians have long uncovered this secret Polishinel. The fact is that the conductors of Christianity had to reckon with the traditions of the Gentiles. Already too viable they were. That's what the elements of Orthodoxy have weaved into the rituals of Ivan Kupala. Not the other way around! Do not confuse. Before the advent of Christianity, we did not go to the temple. But through the fire they jumped, grasses were collected and so on. The second argument of non-believers is that there is no magic. And how then to be with doctors recommending herbal infusions? Are they also "shamans"? After all, most of the rites listed below are built on the life-giving properties of plants, fire and water. And this science does not deny the technocratic world. In addition to magic added understanding of the complexity of the structure of the human body. It means the presence of an aura. So this is also a proven fact. So do not listen to anyone. Magic days, discovered by their ancestors, are not so frequent. Our ancestors carefully collected a lot of information about them and kept for our happiness with you. Take and boldly embody in life!

Rites and Rituals on Ivana Kupala

Now let's talk about practice. You must have come across different descriptions of rituals. There are so many narratives that it is difficult to understand them. Let's see what rituals do on Ivan Kupala. They have one sign - a connection with nature. They should be carried out either in the open area, or with the use of own-picked herbs. That's all the wisdom. You ask why the descriptions have cardinal differences? And there were many genera. Each created their own rituals. We now receive information from all these most valuable sources. Rites on the night of Ivan Kupala spend on love and loyalty, on wealth and profit, on stability and success, on the fulfillment of desire and deliverance from enemies (real and virtual). Nobody forbids to spend at least one hundred rituals in this magical time. The main thing is to have enough strength. There are no restrictions. If you want, call for love, money and travel around the world. And if it's a good idea to think, then start with cleansing. Then all imaginable and as yet impossible desires themselves will be fulfilled. Do not trust words. Check it out! The magic world is not even around the corner. He's right here, next to you.

It is necessary at the dawn to go to the meadow or in the field and collect a bouquet of three herbs. Choose those that you like. Be sure to thank Mother Nature and plants for giving you their strength. At home bouquet divide in half. One piece tie a white ribbon, the second - scarlet. Light a candle. She leads over bouquets in turn, pronouncing conspiracies. Over the "white" should be said: "Ill and woes will not win. My house is shunned, (their name) are afraid! I beat herbs, cleanse my destiny! Sealed! "Above the red one whisper another. "I bathed with herbs and took water, washed myself, calmed down with stars, filled with health. So I (name) in his footsteps go. Strengthen my strength, I extend my youth. I am healed from bad things, I will be filled with health! So be it! "In the evening, as usual, build a fire. First time through the flame, jump to purify yourself. Yourself throughout the body with a white bunch of whipping. The second time you smoke, to fill the pure aura with energy, beat yourself with a red bouquet. And for the third time already, make a wish. Bunch of herbal bags. They will protect the house.

Here it is necessary to make a reservation. Rites for Ivan Kupala for love are for people who find themselves in different situations. Consequently, there are many of them. For example, those who do not meet with destiny (unlucky, in general), it is necessary to tear a twig of St. John's wort. On it wind a hair, torn from his own head. As the fire of the fire brightly and playfully zalyashet in the clearing, throw there cooked St. John's wort. Ask the Solar Godhead (Higher Forces, the Universe) to guide you along the road to mutual love. If in the heart of feelings turned into a terrible wound because of the lack of response, then you need to prepare a photo or any thing belonging to the object of passion. Throw in the fire, accompanying this action with these words: "Zoryana gave, she took! Heart is free! "

Rites on Ivan Kupala for money

It is necessary to collect leaves of fern and mint at night. Immediately carry this wealth home. Hold it slightly over the fire to dry. At this time, prepare the purse. It should be fumigated with smoke from the ignited grasses. In this case, mentally ask that there are always bills in your wallet. Then on a leaf of the dried fern and mint put in a purse. The signs and rituals of Ivan Kupala are still connected not with material, but with spiritual development, or health, if you will. It is desirable to carry out purification. Only after that ask for wealth and prosperity, career or project implementation. To not then replenish the ranks of critics who do not know how to correctly perceive information.

We call a woman's fate

So it turns out that it is difficult for us, convinced adherents of the ideas of emancipation and gender equality, to understand the simplicity and harmony of the customs of the creators of national traditions. Nevertheless, the rites for Ivan Kupala to marry many help open up their own female destiny. If you are one of them, then go to this magical night on the meadow. Screw seven kinds of grasses and weave a wreath. Think about the future family. Try to imagine it in detail. You can cry if tears in your eyes knock. And then let the wreath on the water. So say: "I bathe, you trust my destiny." Lead her along the roads happy, the paths are lucky, to the dear in the house. It's good for me (name) to be in it! "


In fact, the described - only a small part of the folk customs. There are a lot of rituals. But they do not help everyone. It is necessary to catch this incredible magical energy. Believe in its unquestionable existence. Will you be happy? It does not work out - wait for the next bathing night. But herbs must be typed. They, as science says, in broths without faith work. Good luck!

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  • Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala Conspiracies and rituals on Ivan Kupala