Comfortable hotels near Crocus Expo, Moscow

Comfortable hotels near "Crocus Expo", Moscow

In Moscow, very often internationalExhibitions. Today, this is the very first opportunity for the manufacturer to declare that a new product is entering the market, and to acquaint the buyer with its characteristics. At the same time, the international and most important center of the Crocus Expo is the largest and most modern of all exhibition grounds not only in the country, but also in the whole world. It is a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI in the categories "Exhibition Organizer".hotels near crocus expo moscow

What confirms the high status of the center? First of all, a large number of foreign tourists who choose it as a site for their projects. At the same time, there are never empty hotels near the Crocus Expo. Moscow is a metropolis with a large capacity, but today our goal is to consider hotels located in the immediate vicinity of this major center.

Hostel "Amigos"

If you want to save on accommodation, but whenthis stay in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition center, then you will have a difficult choice. In fact, almost all hotels near the Crocus Expo (Moscow) provide their visitors with economy class rooms. However, first of all we would like to tell you about this cozy hostel. Firstly, it is extremely convenient location, guests can get to the exhibition center and return in just a few minutes. Secondly, very near there are hypermarkets and beaches, a sports club. Finally, the biggest advantage is the price, the cost of the room starts from 400 rubles a day, and the week costs 2000 rubles. Of course, there are more spacious, comfortable and expensive rooms, the price of which starts from 1500 rubles.

Other Hostels

Despite the abundance of hotels in the north-westpart of Moscow, I want to spend time and tell you about hostels near the Crocus Expo (Moscow). That's why we'll talk about House Hostel. This is a new and very cozy hotel, which is located in close proximity to the exhibition center. It is a two-storey Finnish house made of solid timber, which can accommodate up to 40 people, including small groups. The cozy rooms are equipped with bunk beds. The cost of accommodation starts from 790 rubles per near mvc crocus expo moscow

The four-star Alliance Greenwood Hotel

We continue to consider hotels nearCrocus Expo (Moscow). Next on line is this wonderful hotel. Often talk about it very simply: the hotel, in which you want to return. It is located in the territory of a stunning park, this is actually the standard of the hotel business. There is enough space to accommodate any delegation, the hotel includes 376 comfortable rooms. All rooms are designed in the Art Deco style, and they are diluted with Chinese motifs. The free shuttle service, which leaves every 20 minutes, greatly facilitates the life, the multilingual staff of the company will do everything possible so that you will not get lost in the city. The cost of living starts from 3900 per day, while at the weekend the cost is reduced by 30%. Like all other hotels near the Crocus Expo (Moscow), the hotel tries to make the life of its guests as comfortable as possible. There is a gym and billiards, breakfast in the room.Crocus Expo hotels nearby

Hotel Mitino

A plus for all business people is thatthe exhibition center is very close to Sheremetyevo airport. This is the north-western part of the capital. We are now interested in hotels near the Crocus Expo IEC (Moscow). And now we will tell you about the comfortable hotel Mitino. This is a neighboring building with an exhibition center, so first of all it positions itself as a hotel for business people. The transport interchange from the hotel is very good, in 10 minutes there is a metro station, and you can get to the city center in just 20 minutes. The cost of living starts from 4200 rubles per day.hostels hotels near crocus expo moscow

Welcome to the hotel club "Seasons"

If we talk about this small hotel, it's worthnote that it fits well for those who like to walk in the park area. First of all, it should be noted that it is located in the village of Troitsa-Lykovo, surrounded by a forest park, and in walking distance there is a river. The cottage has its own territory, which is completely surrounded by a high fence. On site, there is a barbecue area, in addition, guests celebrate stunningly beautiful landscaping. The cottage area is about 160 m2. There are 6 comfortable double rooms with private facilities for accommodation. The cost of living from 2500 per day. This is one of the most secluded and quiet hotels, like a cozy cottage in the village. Although it is located somewhat away from the exhibition center, it is very near crocus expo moscow

Mon Plaisir

This area of ​​Moscow is rich in various hotels andboarding houses, but primarily because the airport is nearby. Accordingly, hundreds of tourists come every day. Probably, this served as an incentive to the fact that it was decided to build the "Crocus Expo". Hotels near there are for every taste, but if you like rich, modern interiors, then you should pay attention to this mini-hotel. He strikes with his magnificence from the first glance. Just 10 minutes from the exhibition center is this hotel with European service. Modern interiors and high-class specialists will please any guest. There are only 19 rooms, that is, they can accommodate about 25-30 guests. All rooms have their own unique design, each has a split system, all the necessary equipment and furniture. There is a restaurant and a bar. The cost of rest starts from 2900 rubles.hotel near the crocus expo

Cron Hotel

It is very difficult to describe all the hotels near CrocusExpo". Moscow is a very versatile city, you can find a country-style hotel next to the most modern, five-star penthouse. This mini-boarding house is located in a unique two-story mansion. In 2010, it turned into a modern hotel. Its location is extremely convenient for those who arrive in Sheremetyevo, and therefore, for visitors to the international exhibition center. The hotel has 25 cozy rooms, the windows of which overlook the stunning forest park. In a modern metropolis it is difficult to find a charming corner of wildlife. The rooms are equipped with modern appliances, comfortable furniture, and guests are welcomed by friendly and hospitable staff. The cost of the rooms is from 4100 rubles per day.Crocus Expo Hotel

Hotel Aquarium"

In a picturesque place near the Moskva River is located andthis beautiful hotel. And first of all today we are interested in this hotel near the Crocus Expo by the fact that it adjoins one of the pavilions of the exhibition center. It attracts the eye with its unusual architecture, so guests are happy to stop with a variety of requests and needs. Here, in the hospitable walls, everyone will find a rest to their liking, thanks to the care of the staff, the comfortable living and rest conditions and the good organization of the entire hotel. In addition to standard accommodation services, the package includes a complimentary buffet breakfast. At any time of the day or night you will find 24-hour room service, a fine restaurant with Russian and European cuisine, a lobby bar. In addition, you can use the laundry and luggage storage, a tennis court and a gym, a shuttle service and well-organized excursions. The cost of rest is from 5600 rubles per day.hotel crocus expo moscow

"Little Raccoon"

Despite the fact that this hotel isthree-star, it is very often visited by business guests of the capital. We have already listed the hotels that are located next to the Crocus Expo. The hotel is located 5 km from the famous exhibition center. Guests will enjoy the highest level of service, comfortable and cozy rooms, friendly staff. It is for businessmen who really appreciate peace and comfort that this wonderful hotel will perfectly suit. It is very convenient that guests who arrived late at night can pay only for a night, that is, half board is offered. They will be provided with two meals a day. There is the possibility of hourly renting rooms. It is very convenient for those who came on a business trip and needs a short rest. The cost of living is from 4200 per night. All rooms are individually decorated, equipped with good furniture and all necessary appliances.hotel baby raccoon

"North City"

This is another wonderful hotel. Crocus Expo (Moscow) is primarily a place where businessmen meet who have their own requirements for a good rest. This is fully taken into account by the staff of the hotel "North City". It is located right next to the Silver Bor and the Moscow River. Here you can perfectly relax in silence, in addition, there are conditions for active recreation. Attentive staff will help to solve any problem, order a transfer or flowers, tickets for any transport. The courtyard is suitable for a good evening. There is a tennis court and sports grounds, an indoor pool. In addition, 500 meters from the hotel there is a beach where you can swim and sunbathe on a hot day. The cost of rest starts from 4,600 rubles a month. The hotel has 26 rooms of different levels of comfort.

Broadway Hotel

Just 15 minutes from the exhibition centerthis small, but very comfortable hotel is located. Only 23 kilometers separates it from Sheremetyevo Airport. Especially the guests enjoy a small distance from the center of Moscow. On the one hand very quickly you can get to the destination, on the other - you are provided with a quiet rest away from the bustle. Here you will find 15 comfortable rooms, comfortable, cozy and stylishly decorated. Each room differs from all the others with its interior. The cost of rest is from 4500 rubles. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and excellent rest.

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